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I was lying on a gurney in the corridor of a hospital waiting to have my neck x-rayed after having just been cut out of a car and strapped to a backboard and shipped to the hospital. As I was staring at the ceiling, a 7' high angel being of light with wings just as angels are commonly depicted appeared standing close to my bed and facing me. After several seconds it stretched out its wings out while leaning over the top of me. As the tips of its wings touched my toes I was filled with and enveloped by divine intervention and indescribable love. I felt that whatever was ailing me at that point was healed. The angel being then disappeared. No one was in the hall when this occurred and no one else had seen the wings of my angel. That was two years ago and I feel ever since a much closer connection with life and a much deeper compassion for those that are in need. I was touched by angel wings sent from God above.



This wings angel story
was written by James.



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