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This wet and wild angel story took place about 13 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

My father's home building company, was having a family day at the Wet n Wild in Arlington Texas. I was allowed to invite a friend to go since my other siblings didn't want to come.

My mother let my friend and me do our own thing at the wet n wild as long as we stayed close to the company's area. The picnic tables were right next to the "Wet n Wild Wave Pool," so I decided to get way up front so I could ride the larger part of the waves when they came out. My friend was too scared of the big waves, so she went to the shallow end.

I was on my raft when the waves started coming, and I guess they were too much for me to handle because I got knocked off. I tried to grab on to the side railings (about 3 times) but the waves kept pushing me back and then pushing me underwater.

Now I really thought I was going to drown and panic came over me. Just as I was reaching for the railing for the third time, a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me up onto the concrete sides. I was so embarrassed but relieved to be back on land. The man who pulled me up was blond, very tan and wearing red shorts. He was the wet n wild angel that God sent for me. He asked me if I was ok, and with my head hung down in embarrassment I shook my head yes. When I looked up again to tell him thank you, he was gone. My wet and wild angel had vanished.

I looked all the around the area, even in the water to see if he jumped in there, but could not find him, and the Wet 'n Wild lifeguards all wore blue shorts. To this day I like to think of him as my guardian angel, cause without him I surely would have died.


This wet n wild angel story
was written by Stephanie.


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