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Many people believe that angels are messengers from God, at work in the world today.

Angels come in many forms, from helpful animals to mysterious strangers, from glorious heavenly angels to earth angels, those human beings who generously assist others.

Angels can come to us in dreams, on a breeze, or in a strain of music.
When they appear, they are surrounded by profound mystery and radiate life-affirming hope.

This is Sarah's story, and how a group of unsuspecting angels come together in one selfless act of kindness and love.

I have always felt close to my guarding angels for as long as I can remember.  Often times I have felt their presence during trying times or just when I needed a little comfort.  About three years ago I began getting dreams of myself with a bald head.  During those dreams I had a feeling that I had cancer.  I had them about four times a year, the recent being the most meaningful.  I had a dream of me standing in a line with a bald head and the words “lovin life” written on the back of my head.
 I had that dream about two months ago.
 I had never told anyone about those dreams (which were not nightmares) leaving me with more feeling of comfort then of fear.  Therefore when I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on December 23, 2010 I was shocked but not scared.

At the age of twenty four cancer is the last thing you think of.  In fact my symptoms were so comparable to other illnesses that the doctors believe I have had Leukemia for at least eighteen months.   I kept telling myself "well of course I am tired".  I have two energetic little boys, Atreyu three and a half years and Arrol nineteen months.  I work 50 + hours a week at a very physical night job. Also in the last six months I have separated from my husband of seven years.  All these stresses led me to believe that I had anything but cancer.

Sarah and Arrol

 I was sick for the last eighteen months it seems like with every illness that entered our area.  I missed so much work throughout the year that when I found out I had Leukemia I had only twenty hours of sick leave left.  I found out I had Leukemia on the worst possible day my mother’s birthday.  I of course was shocked at my diagnosis but that comfort I had felt in my dreams washed over me.  I never had the thoughts of why me or why is this happening.  I just knew that it would happen.

 About a week after my diagnosis, while I was in the hospital I started to feel this amazing strength helping me more each day.  I knew that it was my Grandfather Neal leading, with my other guarding angels helping him.  My Grandfather Neal also went through chemotherapy.  He ended up dying of his cancer the year I was born in nineteen eighty six when I was three months old.  I did get to meet him although of course I do not remember it.

 Since finding out I have Leukemia I have felt his strength and help especially on those long hard days.  It is such a comfort to know that you are not going through this alone.  I also have the support of my family, friends and community during this trying time.  It is truly a humbling experience.  

Sarah and Atreye

I have had many people ask how they can help and there are a number of ways that people can help me and others like me.
 I suggest donating blood.  With the cancer I have it is found in my bone marrow and I have to get frequent blood transfusions.
 By donating blood at your local blood bank you can save up to three lives.

  I am as I stated before truly humbled by the love and support of everyone during this time in my life.
 Thank you for hearing my story and for all of your prayers, God bless.

Sarah Oxford

There will be a Benefit Auction and Dinner held for Sarah on March nineteenth. It will be upstairs at The Eagles in Kalispell Montana, dinner is five dollars a plate and will start at 5 p.m. with auction to follow at 6 p.m.

Auction contributions and donations are being collected, if you would like to participate you can mail them to:
Sarah’s Challenge, PO Box 7414, Kalispell MT 59904.

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