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Rodney's Guardian Angel Story

I had an experience with an angel looking out for my oldest son. Here is Rodney's guardian angel story.

Rodney is 35 now but at the time he was only 18. At the end of high school, Rod went on his Senior trip and came back really sick.

At the beginning, the doctors thought he had a kidney infection. A few days passed and he was to the point that he had to sit up just to breathe.You could hear the fluid gurgle when he took a breath. The doctors were not sure what was wrong with him outside of kidney failure. They did not know what to do. I was really scared. I prayed to God if it was his time to die, please give me the strength to get thru it.

A few minutes later there was a knock on Rodney's hospital door. I went to the door thinking it was a family member. It was not. I did not know the young lady standing there. She was dressed in an old t-shirt and worn out jeans. She asked if she could come in and pray for my son. Rodney could not be seen from out side his hospital door. She said she had tried to clean her house for a bible study at her house that night, but God kept putting Rodney's hospital room number every where she looked. She said it came to a point that she could see nothing but the room number.

We both went over to Rodney and kneeled down to pray for him. We prayed while holding hands. While we were praying I felt hands on my shoulder and reached up to touch whoever was there. But there was no one! At that point I could not say anything but "Thank you Lord." God sent an angel. Rodney's guardian angel was there and I could feel his presence.

The young lady finished praying and said, "your son will be fine but you need to take him to the Birmingham hospital as soon as possible."

I assured her I would.

I moved Rodney to Birmingham and the head urologist told me Rod's oxygen was so low he should have been comatose for several days prior to coming there. I told him thank you for caring and that I knew he was going to be fine. His blood pressure had been 220/180 for several days. The doctor told me he could not promise me anything, even 5 minutes much less 30 minutes that my son may live. I told him I understood what he was saying but I knew Rodney would be fine.

At this point, he put his arm across my shoulder and asked if I needed a shot to relax me. I told him I was fine, just do what ever he needed for my son. He thought that I was in denial.

In 24 hours, Rodney had a normal blood pressure again. The doctors had no explanation for Rodney's illness. But I knew without a doubt that the Lord and Rodney's Guardian Angel had taken care of Rodney. I also told Rodney that God had a job for him someday. I am happy to say that Rodney is now active in God's work. He is a wonderful father and husband also. They attend church on a regular basis. He tries very hard to live a good Christian life. He tries to help his fellow man in whatever way he can. I have a lot to be thankful to the Lord. I only share this testimony when I feel lead by God to do so. For some reason, he wanted me to share this with you. Whatever it is, may someone be blessed by our blessed experience with the Lord and Rodney's Guardian Angel.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness and tell Rodney's angel story.



This story about Rodney's Guardian angel
was written by Rachel.



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