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In 1994, my husband and I moved into a nice large home with plenty of room for our four children to grow. I had placed a plaque of the Guardian Angel on the wall in the hallway leading to the bedrooms of our four children, just as my mother had done when my siblings and I were young. In fact, it was the same angel plaque.

My children were told of the story of the Guardian Angel and of the importance of the plaque to me, since my mother had passed away several years before. The plaque always stayed on the wall, with the angel watching from above the heads of our children at sleep and play.

On the coldest day of the year in January 1996, our family suffered a devastating house fire. Unfortunately, it was started by our then four-year-old daughter, who was playing with a discarded "child-proof" lighter in her bedroom.

I was on the phone when the smoke detector sounded. I was not thinking of the possibility of an actual fire raging upstairs, since we had problems of the detector sounding without reason for three days prior. As I approached the stairway, I was shocked to actually see smoke and the flicker of flames.

My husband had just arrived home from work as I was running out of the door with three children ...

I didn't have my baby!

My husband ran up the stairs and flew into the room where the fire was. There was our daughter, still sitting on the floor, cross-legged, staring at the flames that swelled around her. She was not touched by the flames, heat or even smoke. She was safe!

The next day, my father, oldest brother and I walked through what remained of the well-built older home. As we carefully walked up the ice-covered steps to the second floor, I caught sight of the plaque on the wall.

It was not burned, but badly covered in soot. Everything around was either melted or burned, but the angel plaque remained intact.

I took the angel plaque into my hands and held it in front of me as I cried.

"Thank you for protecting my baby," I said softly, looking at the angel plaque. My tears fell directly onto the completely blackened family heirloom.

Almost instantaneously, a life-sized Guardian Angel began to appear through the blackness, right before our eyes!

Through the fire, the Guardian Angel protected not only my children, but also the beloved plaque she adorns.

I still have the angel plaque. It is still blackened, and some of the varnish has chipped off, but she still watches over my family, as she will watch over the families of my children for many years to come.


The plaque angel story was written by Renay.



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