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I trusted in, relied on, and was confident in You, O Lord; I said, You are my God. My times are in Your hands; deliver me from the hands of my foes and those who pursue me and persecute me.
PSALM 31:14

God's Perfect Timing in a Song Story

Back in March of this year (2007) I got a phone call from my siblings saying that my mom was very sick and was hospitalized.. They had her on a ventilator to help her breath and it did not look good.. We needed to get there.. I prayed and I prayed hard to God that I get there before anything happened.. Mind you I had an 8 hour drive ahead of me..By the time I got there she was off the ventilator, and she cried when I walked into the room.. I spent most of my time with her at the hospital and let my other siblings (there are 8 of us) have a break.. As i sat there trying to be quiet and let my mom rest, I thought she was sleeping.. God's perfect timing was about to be heard.. Well she started to sing this song.. And did she ever sing it!! It was a song I have never heard in my lifetime and I am in my 50"s.. It was the most beautiful song I have ever heard.. Mom had the biggest smile on her face while she sang.. I sat and listened.. She never remembered singing the song.. I will never forget it.. So mom pulled through that one, but five months later she passed away.. Our precious mother is gone now but in a better place with God..

Now I get sick about a month later.. I have this cough that doesn't want to go away even after going to the doctor and the emergency room three times.. No medicine helped me.. I still coughed and coughed.. One night as I lay in bed coughing and in misery I heard singing.. I listened and could not fathom where that song was coming from.. God's perfect timing was once again playing that song.. I got up to see if the TV was on, well no it was not the TV.. The house is very quiet.. So I lay back down and there it is again.. Singing.. Beautiful singing from God above.. So I decided i would just listen.. While i did listen my body totally relaxed and my cough went away and I slept peacefully.. The cough has not returned.. Our dear Lord Jesus sent my mom to let me know things would be ok and I was healed.. I have never in my lifetime had such an experience as that, and it was a beautiful one.. I know my mom is ok and she is singing in that Heavenly choir.. My name is Christine and this is my true angel story.. God's perfect timing was awesome..


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God's Perfect Timing Protected Me
Angel Story

When I was in High School I was living my life for God and I had a friend whose Grandpa was in bad health and every day we would pray for him before school started. This is my angel story and how God's perfect timing came my way.

One day I went to school and my friend was really upset and he acted as if he were mad at me. I asked him what had happened and that's when he told me that his Grandpa had died. He blamed me for his grandpa passing away and he even started trying to make me fight him. I kept to my faith and I kept praying that God would help me to love him because I knew that's what God would want me to do. One day I was riding to school with a friend and we heard a sermon on the way to school the preacher was talking about God's angels and how they protect us. I suddenly felt a presence as if nothing could touch me I couldn't see it but I knew it was there. God's perfect timing was about to protect me. I got to school and there he was, still mad at me and he wanted to fight me. I kneeled down in front of him and I said I have angels with me here today and Jesus and God the Father and my best friend as well and if you're bad enough to go through all of them to get to me then I don't want to mess with you. He then made a mocking remark and put his finger to my forehead and said bring your angels on then. I told him that I did not wish to fight him and that I loved him, he then drew back his fist as if he were going to punch me. I couldn't believe my eyes it was as if someone were holding his arm, you couldn't see anyone there but he couldn't hit me. God's perfect timing protected me. He kept trying even harder to hit me for a while, but then he finally gave up after his arms had gotten tired. I still believe to this day that angels kept him from hitting me that day. God has perfect timing when I needed Him most.

This God's perfect timing angel story, was written by David S. Webb.




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