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The following angel story happened in 1972. My mother had cancer. She had eight children and was a single parent. Even though she was sick most of the time, my mother never complained. I still remember her gentleness, her kindness, and her inward beauty. My mother loved the Lord, and it showed. It was a cold winter's night. I was excited about the next day. It was my 11th birthday, and we would being going to see my mother in the hospital. I couldn't sleep. I was awakened when the phone rang around 2 am.

I heard my grandmother say "she is dying, now."

I laid there too numb to cry, too shocked to move. Suddenly, at the end of my bed, an angel appeared. As tall as the ceiling. An angel wearing a long white bellowed sleeved robe. All white with a white-gold aura that shown like the angel's body was traced with it. My mother's angel never spoke to me, just smiled lovingly.

A short time later the phone rang again and my grandmother said "so, she is dead."

I figured my mother knew she was going to die on my birthday, so she asked the good Lord to send an angel to watch over me on that day.

This story, (My Mother's Angel)
was written by unknown author.


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