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Apartment Managers Angel Story

I used to live in a very dangerous neighborhood in a run down apartment building. The apartment managers were tough (or so they thought) and ran the building like overbearing thugs! I for one, being close to God and having a lot of fight in me, gathered the whole female population of the building in protest against the way the apartments was being kept.

These men manages running our apartments started harassing and destroying some of the females' belongings. They broke into one young lady's apartment, loaded all of her clothes on top of her brand new bed and set her clothes on fire then put them out before they got out of control. The apartment managers also went in another apartment and broke a lot of her electronics and stole some of them. They were being apartment manager demons if you asked me.

My friend was worried about me so he and my son put a security gate on my apartment door. None too soon, if you ask me. For the next day when I came back from work, they had broken the door in but could not get past the security gate.

I got the females together again and we went to court and filed a law suit against the owner as well as the managers, and we put our rent money into escrow. We were willing to fight this through.

They started cutting peoples' phone lines, turning off water and heat. Just doing all sorts of evil to these young ladies and me. We got together in my apartment and I led them in prayer. I let them store their valuables in my apartment.

One evening there was a rain storm and I had to go out to get my children milk for the morning. As I was coming back into the building I noticed all the lights were off in the hallway. I went up the stairs to my apartment. The largest of the apartment managers met me in the hallway, blocking my way. He tried to look as menacing as possible, and said to me:

"I am going to rape you and leave you for dead, you are a trouble maker!"

Now mind you this fella was at least 3 to 4 feet taller than me and weighed at least 300 pounds or so he seemed. I was only 5 feet 1 inches tall and weighed maybe about 150 pounds then.

You would think I would be frieghtened out of my mind, but I was not, and I could not understand why, but a spirit came over me and spoke through me and said in a loud booming voice: "I fear no one but God almighty, and you can do no harm to me for I denounce your demon and send it back to the pit!"

As I spoke these words, I began to rise and met him eye to eye. My guardian angel was with me. His eyes became wide in disbelief and he ran off screaming. As I was being lowered to the ground I noticed across the hallway walls large angel wings spread in a shadow, as I was being gently lowered the angel wings slowly folded inward and disappeared.

One of the young ladies pulled me to the side and said, "you know that you have an angel who sits on your balcony and twirls a flamming sword. I was coming home late one night and saw a huge angel standing in your balcony's doorway. I only saw it in an instant, when I batted my eyes and looked back the sword was the only thing I saw before they both dissappeared. I thought I was seeing things until you told us your angel story."

This was my confirmation and I have never doubted my Lord and Savior since. He has sent my angel to me on several occassions which I shall relay to you in another email soon.

Blessed and Touched by my Angel.

A Sister in The LORD Peggy Jovonne Reynolds.

This story about Apartment Managers Angel,
was written by Peggy Reynolds.



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