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My name is Julie and there were many times my guardian angel was there for me.
Here are Julie's angel stories.

When I was much younger, maybe 16, I was driving home from work in my LeCar. If you have ever seen a LeCar you know they are very small cars. I stopped at a stop sign and went again, not bothering to look first for traffic. When I was in the middle of the intersection I noticed a huge truck coming straight at me and I froze. I couldn't move at all. I saw the horror in the truck driver's face as he realized that he couldn't stop in time to avoid hitting me. I felt the gas pedal move under my foot and my car shot ahead out of the way. Thankfully my angel was there and I didn't get hit.

When I was 25 years old, I went with my boyfriend to see our friend's band playing at a bar. I had had a beer and it was an extremely foggy night and it was hard to see the road. I saw two red lights up ahead and I thought,

"Oh good, another car - I will stay behind it and it will be easier to follow the road."

Just then, a white car pulled up next to my car and for some reason despite the fact that it was night time and there was the intense fog I could see inside of the car. It was like they were driving with their dome light on or something. There was a man and a woman in the car, about 45 years old, and they were both looking into our car as they passed and they looked worried.

I thought it was very brave of them to be going so fast in the fog, but I pulled over into their lane anyway so I could follow them on the road. They started slowing down so I did also, and then I realized that the two red lights up ahead were not another car, but lights on a railroad guard that was down because a train was crossing the road. Since I had assumed that it was another moving car up ahead I would not have started slowing down in time and would have probably crashed into the train. Again my angel was there for me. After the train passed the white car sped on ahead and out of sight.

Two years later I was taking pictures of my son in front of a window. I took three pictures of him. When I took the last picture for some reason the thought came into my mind "Maybe Alex's Guardian Angel will be on this picture."

When I got the pictures back there is a bright white light on one of the pictures. It's not light from the window, and it's only on one of the pictures. Feels like my angel wanted to show me she was there for me.

Just last night I was having a really hard time staying awake at work (I work third shift). Usually there is another person on this shift with me but he is on vacation so I was all alone. I felt myself drifting off and I heard a soft, female voice say my name. It was real enough that I got up and looked around to see who was there. I know my angel will aways be there for me.

Twice during the night I thought I saw someone wearing white out of the corner of my eyes. I started drifting off again and I felt a finger poke me in the back. I'm glad that my angel is here and that she is keeping me company and keeping me alive and awake!

Thank you for letting me share
Julie's angel stories with you, Julie.


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