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Everyday I have to drive to school which is close to an hour away on a busy interstate highway. My car was never in the best shape and it had been shaking since the day I got it. I thank God for the interstate angel, He was looking out for me. Everyday I would go to school down the interstate like this.

I was scared to death that the car was going to fall apart right there in the middle of the busy interstate road. I told my grandparents about it, but they did not believe me and for a long time did not do anything to the car.

Finally, one afternoon, they decided to get it fixed for me.

I drove it down to the shop where the mechanic told me that cars normally make all kinds of noises . Being so young, and having talked to my grandmother, I guess they thought I was just a silly young girl worrying over nothing.

A few days later I went back to pick the car back up from the mechanic. I told him my name and the make of the car and he looked at me with shock. I wondered what he was thinking, and I looked back at him as if to ask, "what's wrong with the car?" He then told me that his mechanic had only touched the axel on the car and it had fallen to pieces straight into his hands. He said my car was a total wreck and there is no hope of ever fixing it.

I had driven that car for almost a year, up and down the interstate, the thing shaking the whole time, and not being able to get it fixed. The drive to school is almost an hour each way and I had been going 4 times a week, on a busy highway where cars are always stopping in front of you and red lights change in a blink.

I always felt that an angel was watching over me down that interstate highway.


This story, Interstate Angel Story
was written by Kimberly.


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