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So many times we wonder why our lives have taken the turn that they have, and we remember the hopes and dreams of our childhood that some how changed to other realities. Such has been my own story in life, and as I get older, I find I am not alone.

I grew up in an average low-income home, ample but frugal and improvising and creative. We always had what we needed. As I became a young woman, I dreamed of prince charming, four children -- the American Dream. I even did my college term paper on a story by Sinclair Lewis and his book about the same, hopes and dreams.

As time passed, I married, had two children that were miracles and as that marriage ended, I had hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

I remarried later on and, for over twenty years, I remained in a very violent, abusive, adulterous marriage because I didn't want another failure. I prayed often. I asked God for insight and wisdom and forgiveness for my errors in judgment. He listened. He guided. He gave me two more children by adoption along the way. Two beautiful babies were placed in our care by an unwed teenage mother. It didn't save this marriage either. My hopes dreams and prayers were only practically answered.

Three years ago, after a most violent night, I prayed to the angels above and wrote in my journal. I asked God to show me by some way that it was alright to seek safety with my daughters (my other children were grown by now), and to forgive me for my failure once again. I didn't want a divorce. I didn't want to believe the things I knew were true about my husband. I still loved him. I was in such denial about everything.

I awoke the next morning and was led to go find a "for sale" sign and place it in our yard. A short time later, the house sold. Another smaller one became available and I was able to purchase it.

My children were so supportive, especially Angel, the youngest. She had always been so aware of my feelings when no one else had ever been.

She encouraged and gave such words of wisdom (she was twelve years old at the time). God provided a new job paying more money than I had ever made. He provided mentors and encouragement from so many sources. He gave us a beautiful home. My hopes dreams and prayers to the angels above were certainly being answered.

I was blessed to meet a new man that had in some ways been in my life for more than twenty years. I had known his family, not him. He came along suddenly and showed me that I was worthy of respect and love.

We were married recently and one day I was driving along our beautiful country road to our farm. I realized that God had given me a guardian angel to share my life with. He gave me my beautiful children. He gave me a husband that I had lost hope in ever finding.

I suddenly came to the realization that my life was what I had hoped for. It had to take turns along the way to get there. I even realized that I had to have the bad relationships to allow me to mother my beautiful adopted daughters. They are one of the greatest blessings of my life and they needed me.

Their adopted father is not in their life and God knew that would happen too.

He knows all and He knows why our perils are to improve us -- not to impair us.

Believe, have hope, and your dreams n prayers will be heard.



This story of hopes, dreams, and prayers
and angels came from Linda.

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