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- Help with Applets, Virus Protection and Much More -

Information - Help with Sending Pages -

Virus Protection Information - And Much More
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The " To Share This Page With a Friend, Click Here " link doesn't work. How can I email the page to someone?

The sure way to share a page is to start a letter to your friend the same way you normally start a letter.
Next tell them where the page is,
Example, See this great page at Love This Site, look for the , Butterflies and Daughters page.
Or another example, see this powerful page at Promise of God.

Share by sending a link to the page by email.

To copy and paste the link into an email - When on the page you wish to send. Try one right click on the address in your browser, this should bring up a menu, Click the copy, next open your letter and right click in the body of the letter, do the paste and the address should be there. This works with all email programs.
This way you will be able to share any page with ease.

General Help - We find that the windows explorer browser, works best. Explorer browsers works better than Netscape, AOL browsers. All should work great with just the standard explorer browser.
For pages that use Flash movies, go to Adobe.
and start your free download.
AOL users can simply, after you log onto the net, minimize your AOL Netscape browser,, next open and use the explorer browser.

SENDING POSTCARDS AT DEERLAKE FAQ - After choosing an image to send, you will be prompted to fill in the recipients name and your name ( Names are required ). Also you will need to choose from other options available to complete your card. You will then go to a page and preview your card. Next - Choose to send this card or go back and change card.

When you choose to send this card, it will bring up another screen that explains how the card is sent through your own e-mail program. After sending the link to your card, a copy will be stored in your own e-mail's sent folder. This will ensure that you can bring up the card at anytime and will be able to resend it at any time.

When you encounter problems sending,, First open your regular mail program,, Next start an email letter to whom you want to send a postcard,, The names of to and from are required,, When you have made your card, click send,, your card will have a link, Copy and paste this next part onto the letter you have started, Sample Below
 Hello Becca,

Steven has sent you a postcard!

To view your card, visit our site at DeerLake and enter fUWfDiTY3Ra5 in the space provided.

Alternatively, click on the following link:

Service provided by DeerLake Design Postcards
 You will need to know how to copy and paste the above into your letter.
 Copy and Paste Directions - Click your left mouse button down and hold it down while dragging you cursor over the part you want to copy,, Now it is highlighted,, Let up the left mouse button,, Next right mouse click on the highlighted part,, Choose Copy,, Now go to your letter and right mouse click in the body of your letter,, Do Paste. Done.

Q: Can I catch a virus as a result of using this site?
A: No. Never!    Our site is safe.
How to protect yourself from viruses?
First and foremost you should get yourself the best virus-protection software available. We use Norton. The new Norton secures your computer for you, it will check and disable viruses before they get to your computer. You must have it enabled and running at all times. This will give you the best protection. The newer version does the updates automatically for you.
 If you have your virus program running, and updated, don't worry about email or about receiving any viruses from any where. Everyone needs virus protection.

Spy Ware, Or Why do I get pop-up adds everywhere I go?
I'm sorry to tell about this awful thing, where sites, and programs are secretly adding pop up ads to every site you ever go to. Good news is that you can remove it fairly easily. Run Ad-Aware to remove all this junk and your computer will love you for it,
Get Ad-Aware - Down Load Here  - Its Free and Easy.

How to make a page printable.
In your browser you will need to click on the tools tab and do the internet options, and then the advanced tab. Next you can scroll down until you see the printing option. At this point make sure that there is not a check mark on print backgrounds and images. Click on the apply button and then you will be ready to print the pages easier.


FAQ - Why don't some of the graphics show up?
If the page has finished loading and you get a small red X in a space where a picture should be, First try click Refresh/Reload on your browser.
 Internet Explorer - When upgrading to a new computer, the system may need you to download the Java software, it doesn't come in window XP. Click Here When window opens click on the Get It Now yellow box and follow the instructions for download.

 Netscape - If the JAVA applets won't load, be sure you have the option "JAVA enabled" checked . You'll find this under Edit tab,, Preferences, Click on advanced and make sure all java has been checked.

If the graphics "smear" across your screen, click Refresh/Reload on your browser. Wait for the page to completely finish loading before you scroll down the page.

I Just get a blank, where a picture should be.
.wmv is Window Media Video
The first thing to check is the settings on your browser. It maybe shut off to showing animations or video files. Default setting are good. Either set back to default setting, or do Tools, then Internet Options, then Advanced, then make sure there is a check mark at Play video, animation, etc. If your browser still does not work, to fix this you will need to uninstall the windows media player. And then re-install it again.
Do this by going to the Control Panel, then add remove programs and windows components,, then remove windows media player.
Reboot, check and see that it is gone. Next reinstall the windows media player.
At Share Christmas there's a .wmv picture for testing.
If that don't do it, then you will need to go back one level on your explorer browser. Do control panel, then uninstall explorer browser,, it will take you back a level on your browser,, like from Explorer 10 to Explorer 9.  That should do it. If not then you will need to uninstall all the other video players, like Quick Time player. When your browser is fixed, then you can always re-install programs without any more problems.


FAQ - Why can't I hear any music playing?
Music/Midi Files

The usual problem is that there are too many music players installed, and your computer don't know which music player to use. You may have erratic behavior if you have Quicktime installed. Problems include: Only playing 1-2 seconds of each song before quitting or garbled sound when playing.
Do the following:

(1)Launch Windows Control Panel
(2)Click on the Quicktime icon
(3)Using the pull-down menu select the Browser-Plugin option
(4)In the Window, click on the option MIME settings
(5)In the next Window, scroll down until you locate lines that begin with "MIDI"
(6)Click each of the lines until the "+" disappears
(7)Click OK and close the other Windows

Windows media player will now be responsible for playing MIDI (music) files.
This should solve the problem, if not you may have another unrelated configuration problem with your computer.
Most everyone uses Windows media player. The built in windows media player is all that most people ever need. When using the Windows media player for your sound. To adjust the sound to receive midi's and mp3s. ( newer version) First click on the tools menu on the top bar of your player, ( Built in version ) Use the views menu instead, then click on the options and then click on the formats tab. You will need to make sure that all the boxes are checked for all the types of music files. Do select all.  This will fix crackly, and poor quality sound. If this fails, then change all your setting to not play any sounds, and try again.

FAQ - About the Mail List
It's free! The mail list is a free service from our sites to tell people when new pages are added.
Subscribers are the first ones to know about the new pages, so they can enjoy and share them. You do not have to be on the mail list to visit our sites. You can still come and enjoy anytime you like.

No one else sees your name or email address, and you don't see anyone else's.

Our mail list is not distributed or sold in any form. Because these sites are maintained as a free service with no cost to users, it is supported by the advertisements which appear on the pages. If you would like to help support us, please click on the ads and visit our sponsors.

To remove yourself from the mail list, simply click on the remove link.


FAQ - Screen Savers - Adjusting - Installing - Removing

Just double click on a screen saver on this CD to install it.

Or right mouse click on a screen saver on this CD and choose open,, and install it.

Adjustments ----------------------------------

If you have installed your screen saver, then you will have an icon on your desktop. You can double click your icon and make your screen saver run at any time.

Adjust this screen saver the same as you do any others.

To adjust music, what transition effects, speed of transition effects and what desktop photo,, etc,

Right click your desktop, choose properties.

Next, click the screen saver tab. After making adjustments, then hit APPLY and OK to make your selection final.

More help available at, we no longer have screensavers.


Courage Screen Saver Adjustment

This Screen Saver is a Flash. Only this one adjustment can be made.

To make your Courage Screen saver show as full screen, ( Big )
After Courage Screen Saver is installed,
First do a right mouse click on the Courage icon on you desktop.
If you have deleted this icon off of your desktop, Then go to, Start,, then Programs,, Then Courage,, Then right mouse click on Courage.

Note that the ( Courage Settings icon ) does nothing. Ignore it.

Next choose properties.
Next see where it says Run,,
Click the arrow on the right side and change from Normal Window,, to Maximized.

Now when your Courage Screen Saver runs, It will use nearly your entire monitor screen.

Your bottom bar will still appear. ( Start button, Etc )

Enjoy your screen saver, Becca and Steven


Removal Of Screen Saver -----------------------

When installing the screen saver, it had created a folder on your C: drive called CUSTMSS. Inside this folder is another folder with all of the files to run your screen saver. Delete these files and this will remove it from your computer. At this time you must reboot the computer to finish the uninstall.

Or Delete C:custmass and all screen saver from us, ( DeerLake ) will be removed.

The name of the screen saver will remain in your list of screen savers. But they will not be able to run.

Toolbar Help,
When installing the tool bar, click on the link to download file download box will open asking if you would like to save in to your computer or open. You should choose open, which will allow the program to set itself up for you.
Next box to open should say, this will install DeerLake ToolBar for your internet explorer. Choosing install is the easiest option. You may browse and tell it to setup somewhere else on your computer. ( This option only if you are experienced on this sort of thing. )
You are finished.
Next time you reboot your computer the toolbar should be installed and working fine. Image below of what your toolbar should look like.

To Remove the Toolbar:
Simply right click on the bar, when the menu comes up take the check mark off of DeerLake ToolBar, this will remove it from your browser.
You may also use the add and remove programs, that is in your control panel.

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