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I am a full-time Deputy Sheriff and would like to share my heavenly Harley angel story. One afternoon I took a day off to attend a going away party for a coworker. It was such a sunny day I decided to ride my Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Once leaving the luncheon I began cruising down a four-lane city roadway, traffic was heavy. I was riding at the posted speed of 35 mph. I approached a road defect, a dip in the road.

My motorcycle struck the dip with such force the frame bottomed out and gouged into the pavement. The rear of the bike bounced up. I began to fall off of the seat. I could not get my foot onto the rear brakes, so I applied the front. I was skiding a straight path. The handle bars then turned to the left, striking me in the chest.

The bike flipped over onto the left side and my body was slammed onto the pavement. My ride to hell began. I remained on the seat of the bike for a short distance. The crash bar around my engine kept my legs from being pinned and crushed. I felt pain and curled up to avoid extensive road rash. The bike then slid out from under me and I began to slide on the roadway. While sliding I looked up and saw a large Sport Utility Vehicle closing down onto me. I knew I was about to be run over. I then tumbled, flipped and rolled over and over. My vision began to blur. I was not sure if I was still in my lane, or rolling across the open opposing lanes. Suddenly I stopped, right next to my motorcycle.

I stood up in a daze and walked over to the sidewalk and sat down. I later learned I had traveled a total distance of 92 feet. I suffered road abrasions to my left arm and knee, no broken bones. Although I received extensive internal bruising to my ribs and internal organs I was alive.

How did I avoid the SUV, or being run over by the opposing traffic? It was my heavely Harley angel. I was spared serious injury or death by the grace of God. I indeed was shielded by my Heavenly Harley Angels.
Harley Angel

Before going onto the job, or driving off duty, I always pray for divine protection from God's Heavenly Harley Angels.

All who hear my story are amazed and exclaim, "Amazing Angels were with you!"

A witness, and a friend, stated " I saw your boots upside down and your body was approximately five feet off of the ground".

Angel's of Heaven, or just luck?

You be the judge.

This amazing angel story, heavenly Harley angels
came from Ed in North Carolina.

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