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This is an angel story about my car and the hands of God. There must have been an angel that day. I'm an epileptic. I have seizures if I don't get enough rest. I've been in a lot of wrecks. Cars, four-wheelers, canoes, but the worst one I've had I don't even remember.

I was going to work one morning. I'm sure I must have been in the hands of God. It was early and I was pretty tired. I thought I had enough sleep, but I guess I didn't. I was about 20 minutes away from work so I turned on my CD player and started singing one of my favorite songs. Awesome God is the name of the song. But anyway, I had just passed a very busy part of the highway, filled with stop lights and allot of morning traffic. After I passed out, I don't remember anything except waking up and a paramedic telling me that I could look for my glasses later. She told me that I had to go to the hospital.

If you have seizures then you know what I'm talking about. You don't remember what happened in that length of time. The hands of God came to my rescue. At the same time I was wrecking one of my buddies' co-workers saw my crash. I owned a little 89 Escort GT. Three different shades of red and pretty ugly. He said that he was going about 75 to 80 mph, and that I passed him like he was sitting still. After passing him, I drove straight into the medium and took out a construction sign. Then I drove into oncoming traffic all the way over to the emergency lane. Then I cut back to the medium and flipped my car on its side then on the roof and when I was on the other side of the road I flipped again this time doing a complete end over end. I landed on my wheels pointing toward the road in a field beside the road. The guy said when I passed him I was all stretched out and my head looking toward the ceiling. And just before I had my seizure something told me to put my shoulder belt on. My injuries were two bumps on my head. I only had to spend an hour at the hospital. I thank the hands of God for watching over me.

Yes, we do have guardian angels, but God sometimes has to shield us with his hands.

This story, the hands of God story was written by Joey.

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