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My only fear is that someday my guardian angel might be busy with me and be needed by another.

In September 1968 I was blown out of a helicopter while we were attempting to land and pick up wounded soldiers at a remote base under attack. We were apparently struck by a rocket fired from the ground nearby which severely damaged our ship throwing me clear.

I watched the ground rushing toward me 100 feet below and, just before impact, felt something squeeze me then everything was black. I think this was my guardian angel protecting me. I was in and out of consciousness for several days and awoke to find I had lived with no permanent injury.

In 1971 I was riding my motorcycle to work at the Little Rock Police Department and had just passed a semi truck when I had a flat tire. I felt the bike shake and looked down and was suddenly sideways sliding across the interstate toward the semi. At the last second my bike moved sideways behind the rear dual on the trailer of the semi and slid onto a curb on the inside lane and sat upright and rolled to a stop. Someone beside me had steered the bike out of danger. This was my guardian angel helping me once again.

In 1984 I responded to a burglar alarm at a business with a great frequency of false alarms. It was almost 11pm, shift change, and I called off the backup unit assuming it to be another false alarm. I did not even unstrap my revolver when checking the building. When I rounded the back corner of the building I saw all at the same time, a hole knocked in the wall, a subject standing there with a car battery in his hand from the business and a gun in his waistband that he was reaching for.

Something behind me pushed me down while I was drawing my weapon and I heard two shots fired by the suspect. I later found the bullets had impacted the wall just a foot to my right. My shots hit the top of a dirt bank I had fallen behind and the suspect fled. I later found that I had drawn my weapon through the safety strap breaking it. I had never unsnapped it. This was a new holster. When I got a replacement I tried to break the strap in the same manner and could not do it. My guardian angel is looking out for me.

A month later my wife was to be baptized in our local church where we had been attending. I had never been baptized and was hesitant about doing so. The day we arrived at the church when she was going to make her profession of faith and accept the Lord I drove to the church but had made up my mind that I was not ready yet. When we arrived at the church I let her out at the door and was parking the van when I felt someone with me.

I felt a hand around my shoulder and in my head I heard my guardian angel's voice saying, "Charlie it's time to make a commitment. Trust me and lean on me and I will be there with you always."

I realized this was a voice I had heard before, in Vietnam, on my motorcycle and outside a business in the dark. I was still confused and went into the church for service. When the call was given my wife went forward to profess her faith and as I sat there I felt a pressure on my shoulder and I found myself getting up and going forward. I knelt at the prayer bench beside my wife and accepted Jesus as my savior. Always my guardian angel is by my side.

His promise has come true many times. Through a divorce and financial crisis and any time I ever felt alone or afraid I have always felt the LORD beside me, never ahead or behind but always beside me. He has carried me through some very rough times in my life and I know he will always be there for me.

Yes, I believe in my guardian angels, without a doubt.

This story about my guardian angel
was written by Charlie Carty.

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