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I enjoy your site and I wanted to share a story of an encounter my father had that we have never spoken of outside of the family.

My father is very faithful to God and was always telling us to have faith and encouraging us to pray in times of doubt.

One year in particular my father was struck with phlebitis (blood clots in the veins) in his legs. This was very painful and he was always in pain. One day my father could not stand the pain and he went to the hospital. While he was waiting to speak with a doctor a man came to visit my father. My father described him as a very big, red haired man who looked like a lumber jack. My father asked him his name and he said his name was Red.

Red asked my father if he had faith and believed in angels, my father naturally answered yes. Red then began praying while waving a bible over my father's legs. As the bible passed over my father's legs the phlebitis moved along with it. My father described it like the passing of clouds. Red smiled at my father who sat there in amazement. As Red walked away my father said thanks and he never saw Red again. My father got up and walked out of the hospital feeling no pain and no signs of the phlebitis.

Red was my father's angel. I hope that you enjoy my fathers angel story as I did. My father is not a story teller, but a truth teller.

This father's angel story was written by Joseph.

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