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This story goes back many years to when I was only 17. I had been visiting a friend who lived a good distance from me, and although I had been there several times, I had only ever gone on the same route and I did not know the area well. I had only had my driver's license for a few months, and my mother was constantly warning me not to be driving around by myself at night. Of course, being a 17-year-old know it all, I always told her to stop worrying! But let me just say that after this night, I could see her point....

I left my friend's house that night at about 1a.m., and a few minutes into the journey, I was stopped at a traffic light when a car with two men in it pulled up beside me. They started shouting to me, making rude comments, honking the horn, etc. I was scared but I just tried to look ahead and drive on. At the next set of lights, they pulled up so close beside me that the passenger actually reached out and started banging on my window with his fist! At this point I was really frightened, as I started to realize just how much danger I was in; we were the only ones on the road, there were no businesses open at this hour, and this was in the days before cell phones were invented, so I was really alone!

This harassment went on for several blocks, and I was starting to panic, the possibility of being attacked became very real. Not knowing what else to do, as it was such a long way home, I pulled off the main road. I was hoping that they would not follow, and hoping that I would find an open 24 hour convenience store where I could find safety and call the police. Well as everyone knows, convenience stores are on every corner, in every town, EXCEPT when you need one! So although I had no luck there, it seemed as though I had lost the other car, as they were nowhere to be seen.

Cautiously I tried to make my way back to the road I knew. But I had been so afraid and distracted, I had forgotten which way I had come, and now I couldn't find my way back. And to make matters so much worse, I had put off buying gas that day, as I thought I'd have just enough to get me to my friend's and I was dangerously low.

I tried my best to remain calm, but as the minutes and the unfamiliar streets went by, I could feel myself getting panicky. The more I tried to find my way back the more lost I became... I was hopelessly lost.

I was terrified of being spotted by the men in the other car, and I was surely going to run out of gas. I was even too scared to stop at a deserted payphone to call home for help; although I hadn't seen the men for some time now, I was too frightened to get out of the car.

It was well past 2 a.m. now, and I had been driving, lost, for over and hour... and let me tell you, when you're a lost, terrified, 17 year old running out of gas, an hour is a very, very long time. Looking down at the gas gauge, it was a miracle in itself that I hadn't run out by this point, for I had been on well below empty for ages. I envisioned being stuck out here all alone, in my broken down car in the middle of the night, with nothing to defend myself. I was petrified.

At this point, I finally broke down in tears. I was scared and shaking. I begged the Lord to get me home safely! I implored my Angel Guardian to protect me! I sobbed and sobbed. I was still crying when I saw a sign that said "Lawrence Expressway" with an arrow pointing to the left. I nearly screamed! I had been up and down that expressway for years growing up, and knew that it was a direct link to my hometown. I made the turn on to the expressway and started to cry with relief when I started to see some familiar landmarks. I prayed out loud that I would now make it home without running out of gas...and not long after that, I did.

The next day, I took out a map to see if I could make out exactly where I had been. I stared in utter disbelief as the lines on the map told the story. Although I was not familiar with the area I was in, I looked at EVERY street name I came upon, as you do when you're lost, and I could see on the map exactly where I had been. I looked and looked--but there was just no logical explanation. There was NO connection between where I had been and Lawrence Expressway. NONE! As a matter of fact, the avenue I was on last is approximately 15 miles east of Lawrence Expressway and has NO immediate connections to it. I sat in total amazement, with my mouth hanging took a minute to sink in. I had truly experienced a miracle. I had experienced the expressway angel.

I enthusiastically thanked the Lord that day, and sincerely thanked my Guardian Angel, and I always will. Not only was I helped that night but looking back on my life I can see other things, like I truly believe that it could only have been my Guardian Angel who saved me from being abducted when I was five...but that's another story. I chose to write about this day because this was the day that a 17 year old know-it-all who never really believed in much, believed.

This expressway angel story was written by Lori.

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