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When I was a teenager and an apprentice mechanic near Manchester England, I loved to drive my car all over different parts of the country.

One week it was my intention to set off on Friday night and go to Cornwall for the weekend. When I mentioned this to the apprentice I was working with, he asked me if he could come with me. He also asked me if we could stop at his Auntie's house in Margate on the way. At the time I didn't realize that it was several hundred miles in the other direction so I agreed.

We traveled through Friday night with about two hours of sleeping in the car. We were some where near Kent, then spent Saturday morning at his Auntie's house. Then we were undecided on whether we should take the Hovercraft and go to France for the day or carry on to Cornwall. We chose Cornwall and set off after lunch.

Late on Saturday night somewhere near Stonehenge, we grabbed another couple of hours sleep in the car and ended up at Mevagissey on the South Cornish coast at about 10am Sunday morning. We didn't stay long, as I was very tired.

On the way back several hours later, we were on the M6 near Birmingham about eighty miles from home and I was struggling to stay awake. Just eighty miles to go. Then I saw a Nun on the hard shoulder walking Northwards. There were no turn offs for miles, no service areas for over 20 miles in either direction, or any sign of a broken down vehicle. All the way back home all I could think about was solving the mystery. Upon reaching home, I calculated the mileage covered that weekend as 1,165 miles.

For 25 years I kept coming back to this puzzle and trying to work it out, until one day recently, I related it to a good friend of mine who is very spiritual. He was with his pastor at the time, and they both said it must have been an angel sent to keep me awake. My friend and his pastor call this kind of event a "God incidence." With eighty miles to go God had sent an angel.

At that moment, I received a message from heaven. I felt something so strong inside both spiritually and physically, and I just absolutely know beyond a shadow of doubt that they solved the puzzle for me. I have never once again wondered about that Nun walking along the side of the motorway. She was my eighty miles to go Guardian Angel.

This eighty miles to go angel story
was submitted by Steve.


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