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There is an old legend that dolphins will sometimes come to a drowning person and lift him up to the surface so he can breathe, and see the light. This is my, wonderful dolphins and God story.

December 1975, we were living at RAF Mildenhall, in Suffolk, England. My husband was a pilot in the USAF. For about three months he had returned to the USA to go to a safety course at the University of Southern California so he could become the Wing Safety officer as an additional duty. I had been confined to bed because of some pregnancy problems, but our older kids aged six and seven, helped our friends and neighbors take good care of me and baby "Jaimee". My husband, Greig, called me to say he had finished early and was returning to England ahead of schedule. When he came in the door, I should have known something dreadful was happening! Our friends had put the kids to bed early, and disappeared as soon as we were together. Then Greig knelt at my knees, held my hands, and told me that my only brother, Robbie, was dead.

He was only twenty years old. We had grown up in the little fishing village called Kodiak, Alaska, and when I was seven years old, I had ordered him out of a Sears, Roebuck catalog. He arrived on April 12, 1954, when I was eight. Our folks owned and operated Kodiak Airways, a seaplane business that serviced the villages and canneries around the island. My brother had learned to fly, and was returning home on the evening of December 11th. He had two lady school teachers and two State Patrol Officers that were escorting a body in a coffin on board his Grumman Goose airplane. My sister was operating the radio and heard Robbie say a pass was fogged in and he was flying out around Chiniak Point, and would be landing at the lake rather than the beach where the office was. A short time later she heard him broadcast with a sound that made her believe he was on the lake signing off. About twenty minutes later the hanger crew at the lake called my sister asking where Robbie was. The alarm went out. Many fishing boats in the harbor headed out to the bay. The Coast Guard Station sent out their search and rescue teams. All were equipped with sonar. The two ladies were found, but they had died of exposure. Since they were in life preservers, and no wreckage was found, they knew that the landing was soft, and the plane was afloat long enough for Robbie to make a radio call, crawl up into the nose of the Goose to get the life jackets, get them on the women, and get them out of the plane. This is all. To this day, no trace of the plane, the State Officers, or my brother have ever been found. I went into Hell. I demanded that God tell me just exactly what He was thinking. How could He take a young man that had the whole world in front of him? A good man like Robbie? Why not a bad person instead? Didn't God know how bad it was here on earth, and that we needed all the good people possible to keep evil at bay? What was He thinking? I demanded a reason from God, and He wasn't speaking to me at all. So, not only did I turn my back on Him, I renounce Him as a fraud. I scoffed every time I thought of Him.

Baby Jaimee was born in March 1976. In June, my father-in-law and mother-in-law, Bud and Katye Horner, came to England to meet her. One morning, Dad and I were up early having a cup of tea, and he asked me about Robbie. I began to spew my venom against God. That man stood me straight up, held my shoulders, and asked me if I would demand anything of him. I answered, "No Sir". He then asked me if I would demand anything of my own father. Again, I answered, "No Sir". "Then", he asked, "Who do you think you are demanding anything from your Heavenly Father?" That shut my mouth for a while!

Later, a new lady named Carole Kolman moved in across the street. She was such a wonderful Christian lady, and loved the Lord more than Life. She had dreamed about her home for years, and God's divine intervention gave it to her, in Mountain Home, Idaho, exactly like she had dreamed! After only living there less than a year, God moved Carole and her family to RAF Mildenhall, and she had to sell her precious, God-given home. When she met me and saw the spiritual trouble I was in, I believe that Carole knew why she was sent to live near me. She prayed over me constantly.

About fourteen years later, we were living on Camano Island, Wa. All three of our children were grown and gone now. And, except when the older two were very young, none of them had been taken to church and Sunday School. I told them occasionally about Jesus, and I let them go to church with their friends. Then, our only son, Andrew, was stricken with cancer!

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Rick and Susan Horner, came along side me in the most astoundingly spiritual way! We had all seen a miracle earlier with their son, Tim, and Rick and Susan knew without a doubt that God's divine intervention is, in itself, a true miracle, and that we only need to accept that!

Soon, a sister in Christ, named Toni Caskey came and joined the staff in my work office. She prayed with me and for me always. She reminded me that God had a plan for me and for Andrew too!

Then, a dear lady named Judy Dillard moved in across the street. We became friends, and one day we started talking about the void in our lives. We then went on a search for a church home. No matter where we went, we were both drawn back to Island Baptist church, which happened to be in our own neighborhood! Pam Mitchell, the Pastor's wife, shared with me one day that she and her husband felt the church was a "spiritual hospital". That phrase really grew instant roots in my heart. Often it is not until we recognize our deep need for God that He begins a great work in us.

I began going to the Wednesday night prayer meetings. That is where I met my dolphins! Not just one, but a whole school of beautiful, wonderful dolphins! There was Nell Whitaker, Ainsley and Grace Peterson, Jimmy and Grace Marr, Joan Gilbert, Norma Ferrel, Jerry Barrett, and Pastor Rick Mitchell. Other dolphins would swim in and out of the school sometimes too. Pastor Rick would guide us through the Psalms and other books in the Bible, and then lead us to the Throne of Grace. My wonderful dolphins surrounded me! They buoyed and lifted me up to the Light where I could breathe in the very love of God! They schooled me in God's Word. They taught me how to pray. They taught me how to forgive just as I have been forgiven. They taught me how to accept God's forgiveness for my own horrible sins! They taught me to "sing a new song unto The Lord"! They taught me how to be a lamb, and not a goat! And finally, my wonderful dolphins reminded me that I may have left God for a while, but God never left me!

I remember going to my back yard laying humbly face down on the ground, and telling God that I knew He knew exactly how I felt because He, too, had a one and only Son. He too, watched as His Son suffered. And since God gave His one and only Son to me, even though I wasn't even a little bit worthy, the very least I could do was to give my one and only son to God, because He truly was the only One worthy. I felt the most amazing relief. It was as though I didn't need to worry anymore, because Andrew wasn't even my son! He belonged to God! His illness was God's concern, not mine.

Billy Graham once defined hell as "a separation from God". Even when I was in hell, God still loved me so much that He sent one angel after another to lead me back to the fold: My parents for taking me to church when I was young, my father-in-law, Carole, Rick and Susan, Toni, Maxine, Judi, Pam, and my beloved wonderful dolphins: Pastor Rick, Nell, Ainsley, Grace, Jimmy, Joan, Norma and Jerry.

All glory to our Almighty and Divine God!

This wonderful dolphins and God story
was written by Annie Horner.

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