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Another close call and a hard lesson to learn, was in the Willamette River. This story of divine mercy saved me.

A neighbor invited my Mother to join her in going to pick hops, which she did with her daughters. It was an enjoyable experience. Residents who had property along the Willamette river had built a platform out over the river. We young people had time to play and swim there. We had been horsing around when I had the notion to do summersaults. On the third turn, I realized how cold the deeper water was, and I wondered which way was up. Before I became too frightened the thought came to me to relax and let go and I would pop up. Was help from divine God that gave me this thought. I came up under the platform where there was a few inches of much needed air. How dangerous was that stunt! My mother was seated on a chair on the platform and how it would have been for her if I had drowned! Was that not another time that the divine Holy Spirit came to my rescue? I believe it was so.

This is the second of my two miracles story. Another time, my husband and I were returning home and stopped at I-5 (interstate 5). Before crossing, five cars were coming fast down the hill to pass. Bob decided not to wait for them. Breaks were squealing and screeching as they passed behind us. The first car and us were just inches apart. What Bob did not know was that a police car had been parked right behind us, so when traffic was clear he pulled us over and gave us a ticket. My husband said, "did you see that long line of cars?" I exhaled and said, "We are lucky to be alive." The officer answered, "Yes, you are." I did not know at the time that my husband had a bad heart, 'a bad ticker' he called it. I have to believe that maybe his heart was not pumping enough oxygen to His brain for him to do such a thing. He was an intelligent man before this. What a terrible accident could have occurred if all the cars would have crashed and lives lost besides our own. That was the experience that made me realize that God must have a divine purpose here on earth for me. In these passing years I have accepted the fact that what He needs from me does not have to be anything dramatic, but possibly only the small helping acts of kindnesses that I can do.

Writing these two miracles stories made me realize that God in His divine ways has purpose for me.

This Two Miracles story
was written by Marie Barnum.

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