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I've come to say thanks to the Lord.

For more that five decades You and I have walked together, Lord. Even though it's many years ago now, I still remember when I first met You. I didn't understand the significance of our meeting because I had never heard that You had given Your life for me. I did not know that. The words "salvation" and "born again" and "repentance" were foreign to me. I simply knew that I wanted to know You as personally as would be possible. So as a teenager I talked to You Lord that night in bed, asking if You could be with me in some special kind of way. I shared with You my heart filled with all its fears and apprehensions, not sure that I would be able to live through the dangers in our home due to the abuse of alcohol. After explaining to You what I thought I wanted and needed, I rolled over and went to sleep.

And You were there.

Three years went by and our walk together became increasingly closer. What I didn't know was that my life was about to change forever and there would be significant turning points requiring choices that I was not yet prepared to make. My father lost his vocational position of twenty-years, and because there was disgrace accompanying the dismissal, our family moved from the Midwest to Vancouver, Canada. This meant leaving all my friends and the only home I'd ever known, being forced out of my comfort zone into another country and culture. I was devastated and angry with the situation, lonely before I needed to be, and cried to You Lord for answers.

And You were there.

The move was made and it was very difficult. My only hope was to find a good church where I would find new friends. But that didn't happen. So I continued to go to work everyday, cry into my pillow at night and plead with You to "do something". Several months went by and there was no answer from You. Then a newspaper ad caught my attention. Youth for Christ was meeting on Saturday night in a very large church, and I was to excited I couldn't wait for that night to arrive. My sister and I took three city buses to get to that church, and we were absolutely thrilled to be a part of something where there were other young people following the Lord. There was a lot of great music, the speaker that night was a young pastor, and when we left the meeting we determined we would go to his church the next night. He preached from the Bible, and we hadn't heard that since moving to Vancouver.

And I knew You were there.

The next night after the church service, a girl about my age introduced herself to me, rather hesitatingly, said she was happy we came and invited us to come again the following Sunday morning. She became my first friend in our 'new country' and we have been very close friends ever since that night.

And You were there.

From that simple beginning my life continued to unfold in miraculous ways. You not only gave me a life-long friend that day but within several months I met and married my husband, we embarked on our first journey into ministry and have been walking hand-in-hand for more than half a century. The years have been full of great experiences, some difficulties, many joys, a lot of exciting changes, countless friendships, and hilarious memories. And through it all....

You were there.

So, Lord, I want to say thank You. Thank You for hearing my cry when I was fifteen years old, for understanding my heart when I didn't know what I was even asking of You, for answering every prayer in the way that You alone would know was just right for me, and for never walking away when my self-will reared its head. Through all these years You have "grown me" into a woman of more understanding and deeper love. How very great is your divine faithfulness.

Always - You were there.
I say thanks to the Lord.
Love, Eileen

This say thanks to the Lord story
was written by Eileen Voth.

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