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Stylish Sailboat Story

Psalm 26:7
"Proclaiming aloud Your praise and telling of all your wonderful deeds."

Psalm 89:1
"I will sing of the Lord's great love forever;
with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations."

This stylish sailboat story starts out on this perfect day. The summer sun shone brightly on a beautiful 75 degree Wednesday July afternoon. At noon I opened up the T-top on my white Mustang to head out to spend a leisurely visit with my friend, Sally, on her recently purchased stylish sailboat, anchored out in Utsalady Bay on Camano Island, having no idea of what challenge did lay ahead.

My girlfriend and I whirled away the time sunning and tanning ourselves on the deck, sipping diet cokes and chatting away the fun warm hours on her stylish sailboat. On one occasion we waved to a man out beyond us in his small pleasure craft.

Around 4:30pm, with the intensity of the sun lessening, Sally suggested it was probably time to return to the beach, where my car was parked. Within minutes the tranquility of our afternoon was about to cease!

So Sally, now in the dinghy boat, unties it and brought it parallel to the stylish sailboat. I then proceeded to step into it, as I did, the dinghy flipped over throwing Sally out of it! Divine intervention is what we need. At once the sight before us is of the dinghy upside down floating away from us on its own journey. This knowledge hits us that we are out in the chilly salt water of Utsalady Bay and what was once a placid undisturbed time has quickly turned into a life-threatening situation! We look at one another sensing terror dwelling amongst us! Sally swims, I do not. We turn to the high walls of the sailboat and grab on to them for life, clutching these walls which seem four stories up. Mingled with our prayers to the Lord, Sally starts her frantic cries for help! We each continue to keep our white knuckle hold until I tell her my arms ache and my hands are as slippery as holding on to an icicle; I then feel myself going down under, kicking my feet in the water I return to the top, but then again my fingers slipping I am entering into the depths of that cold water for a second time. As I do I hear Sally calling out, "Oh Jan, oh Jan!". Once more I surface and cling to the side of the boat. This all transpired so quickly, my mind is stunned as I try to collect thoughts of how we can get back into the sailboat.

My mental gymnastics flash in and out stating this may well be how I am going to die.....not cancer or such, but drowning right here, right now!

After numerous screams for help, looking about we discover that same small pleasure boat with the same man is making waves and hand gestures toward us.....he's coming, he's coming!

He yells to us. Due to his small rubber raft he can only return one of us at a time to the beach. He has some ropes in his hand ....icons to us of rescue. He is indeed our sent divine angel! As he climbs on board the sailboat he extends the ropes to us. Our arms scrape the sides of the rough ropes and the boat as we climb back in. Later, we each observe multiple bruises and rope burns on our arms and hands, symbolic of this shocking ordeal! We sit on board taking deep breaths, shaking feeling like drowned rats. Sally and I keep on expressing our gratitude to him, as we regroup, realizing the scare and drama that has just played out.

The kind gentleman-stranger gives each of us guidance upon entering his raft. We return to the beach, which was earlier deserted, but now reveals a sprinkling of people watching and walking about. As I slowly touch solid land again, a lady asks me if I want her to call 911. I reply, "no, I'll just sit her on a log and rest and wring out for a few minutes."

Sitting there shivering I attempt to comprehend how fast all this all occurred, like how quickly a horrible car accident story can happen! Now I feel so safe, its safe, joy, being on this firm ground again! Thank you divine Lord Jesus.

Have I changed? The changing is seeing how powerfully fragile life truly is, how in a matter of minutes of a foolish step or choice, the common thought of "ok, nothing will happen or go awry" over shadows good judgment. We all know how rapidly things can change in our lives! Of course as countless others have stated: Be aware, value each day, to see life as a gift, to breathe, to live, to help and encourage others, to make a difference, as that one man surely did in my life that one day on a July afternoon on Camano Island. How wonderful that he was still out there, that our precious Savior and Lord knew we would be needing him, our divine angel. My forever gratefulness to God, that He saw and heard, that He was there in the scene.

My song:

Oh glorious love of Christ my Lord divine,
that made Him stoop to save a soul like mine.
Through all my days and then in heaven above,
my song will silence never, I'll worship Him forever,
and praise Him for His glorious love.

This Stylish Sailboat story
was written by Jan Anderson.

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