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Psalm 37:25 "I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread."

We were young parents and suddenly our peaceful little world was shattered by adversity. My husband had a steady job as a foreman of his company making aluminum windows and other aluminum products. However, upon returning from our two week summer vacation, we found that our job and the company was being phased out, my husband sustained a serious back injury which really started to flare up about two weeks later, which was common with this type of injury we were told.

Here we were, expecting our fifth child, with a serious injury to the breadwinner, no bank balance, no job, and no money. All this happened before the days of unemployment compensation, which actually went into effect soon after. However, State Industrial was in place which paid money for medical expenses for injuries sustained on the job. My husband, Ainsley, found out after the medical examination that there was going to be a long waiting period before the State would give permission and clearance for the doctor to perform the surgery. Two crushed discs were pressing against the main nerve bundle in the spine, which caused paralysis and at any moment it could sever the nerve bundle and cause permanent paralysis.

During this waiting period, Ainsley could do nothing except lift a spoon or fork. Being such an active person, he decided to drag himself on one hip and pull weeds by hand in our back yard. Five months went by and we had no money. Among other things, an insurance payment was due and we prayed that somehow we could make that payment. One morning a letter came in the mail with no writing and no return address, but inside there was a cashier's check for the exact amount of money we needed for the insurance payment. Praise God! God's divine intervention was a blessing. We never found out who sent that money. Perhaps we will know in heaven.

Our old car needed brakes desperately during that time. Our fifth baby was born, a lovely little girl, 5 lbs. 5 oz. Three weeks later, the permission came for the doctor to go ahead with the back surgery for my husband. While Ainsley was recovering in the hospital, one of our neighbors took it upon herself to go around our block taking up a collection. She came to my back door with $18 in her hand. "I couldn't stand not doing anything," she explained. I thanked her for this unexpected kindness and went immediately to the auto parts store. This money covered the costs of the brake parts. The next day, I drove to the home of a cousin who had promised to install the brakes if I could supply the parts. When he started to work on the car, his remark was, "How in the world did you get here through the traffic, stoplights and all? You have absolutely no brakes at all!" Again, this was God's divine intervention at work.

Our church helped out with food money, and shortly after that with much therapy to do, Ainsley managed to find another job. Here again, the Lord's divine intervention was at work for us. Having just come from an interview for a job for which he was turned down, Ainsley left the building and walked out into the street. A man who had worked for him previously just happened to come by. When this friend heard what had transpired, he went directly back into the building and told the personnel manager that they were turning away one of the best workers they would ever find. Ainsley was hired for that job, and for this we praise the Lord.

This all seems to be about material aid, but it was much more. We learned some very important lessons as young parents. First, we needed to be reminded that we were not self-sufficient. We needed God in every facet of our lives. We needed to learn to pray first, being completely dependant on the fact that God's divine plans are always for our good. Ainsley learned to trust implicitly, relaxing in the arms of God and resting in the confidence that a loving God knew our needs and supplied abundantly, just not always in ways we expected. We also learned how hard it is to receive gifts from others. It is so much easier to give than to receive, and to be the recipient of gifts and money can be a very humbling experience. We learned that as we were able, we could return this giving by giving to others as needs arose. What a privilege to be able to do this.

We learned that our divine Lord walks with us through pain and suffering. He goes with us through all the trials that happen in our lives. As we learn to lean on Him, we are strengthened to endure as we draw from the well of living water so readily available to us through our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This money job and God story
was written by Grace Peterson.

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