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Joan's Father Story

This story is about Joan's father, Alden Hammerbeck, passed away at the age of 40. Joan was 16 years old, and was the oldest of five daughters; the younger two were only 5 and 3 years old. Joan's relative, Millie Hendrickson, was going through some boxes recently, and found a written tribute that was read at Joan's father's memorial service. This has been such a gift to Joan, to know of the Christian heritage she had through her father.

Around the age of 39, Joan's father had an operation, and his heart stopped for 9-10 minutes before he came back. As recorded by his pastor - he came out of the operating room very weak, physically, and said, "Pastor, it was so wonderful that I cannot describe it, Christ came to me and said Alden, 'fear not!' and then He lifted me right off that table and took me to a place that is so wonderful that no longer do I have any doubt about the hereafter nor fear of death. No one can ever tell me that there is no Heaven." After this serious operation he again rallied and it was not many months later that his physician remarked to me 'he is one of the wonders of the world to me'. Most remarkable was his mental and spiritual fortitude. With his keen mind he was not ignorant of the seriousness of his ailment and yet it was often difficult to keep pace with his steps of divine faith, Godward. Those who came to cheer and encourage him were often challenged to a greater trust in God.

This Joan's father story
was written by Joan Gilbert.

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