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As this story starts out, I was sitting in the holding cell at Merced County's main jail, waiting to go to court. There were about nine girls in this cell. We were all going for an arraignment.

When I asked if anyone wanted to pray before going to court, they all agreed, and asked me to lead the prayer. I asked what they wanted me to pray. They all wanted me to pray that they be released. They thought of me like an angel presence, here to help them. However, I told them I couldn't ask God for that because if it was His will then it would happen. But, I said I would pray for His will to be done in each of our cases. No one objected. I started out the prayer by thanking God for everything He had given us, and for everything that was taken away. Then I prayed that He would soften each of our hearts, and to help us all accept what was to come our way at court. I asked our Father for guidance and comfort, and for the judge to have mercy on us when we are sentenced. I prayed for peace of mind and peace of heart. I was so blessed and encouraged to hear that my prayer had a big impact on a lot of the girls. They said that my prayer was powerful and gave them chills. They thanked me and God. Then we sang songs of praise. Most of the girls got out of jail that day. The others along with myself got into a good program.

God has blessed me by answering so many of my prayers, and I want to testify that prayers groups are so powerful. If you pray for His will and not ours, you'll find that His will is often the same as our wants. May God bless and be with you all, and may He give you all, all the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:5.

This angel presence story
was written by Lynnette Borelis.

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