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Divine Stories

God has a purpose for all of His children, and we feel that ours is to share these divine stories with others. Nothing is impossible when you are in partnership with the Lord. All of these divine intervention stories below come from Island Baptist Church Camano Island, Washington.
Divine Hands of God

Divine Stories
Midnight Grew Strong Story

written by Jeffrey Pearce,
poem by Judy Pearce.

Divine Stories
Stylish Sailboat Story

written by Jan Anderson.

Divine Stories
God is in Full Control Story

written by Norma Ferrel.

Divine Stories
Wonderful Dolphins and God Story

written by Annie Horner.

Divine Stories
Job Story

written by Yvonne Gaston.

Divine Stories
Angel Presence Story

written by Lynnette Borelis.

Divine Stories
God and Danna Story

written by Yvonne Gaston.

Divine Intervention
Stories Part One

Divine Stories
Two Miracles Story

written by Marie Barnum.

Divine Stories
World Vision Story

written by Judy Pearce.

Divine Stories
Money Job and God Story

written by Grace Peterson.

Divine Stories
Missionary Women Story

written by Debbie Wolf.

Divine Stories
Joan's Father Story

written by Joan Gilbert.

Divine Stories
Diagnosed Hodgkin Lymphoma Story

written by Danna Yates.

Divine Stories
Just a Stage of Life Story

written by Debbie Wolf.

Divine Stories
Say Thanks to the Lord Story

written by Eileen Voth.

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Divine Intervention Stories of God's Power

As Christian parents we must take particular care of educating our children in the ways of the Lord. As they grow older, they will need to come to know God and decide how they will relate to God in their lives. The basis of their decisions will be determined not only through observing their parents' way of living and learning, but another key element in their decisions will be your teachings concerning the Bible and God's divine intervention in our everyday lives. The Bible is God's revelation of Himself to us. Beginning in Genesis God unveils Himself, but not in the divine way that we might expect or in the way that fits our understanding and concepts. He unveils Himself as intricately and even implicitly joined with man. In these divine stories we learn of the miracles of intervention. The Bible reveals God throughout the history of man.

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