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This is a story about how I came to live in my new home in Stanwood Washington.

Seven years ago I retired after teaching elementary school for 30 years. The decision was made to sell the house in Clallam Bay because at that time Craig was living in Duvall where he would be closer to medical care therapy which he needed after some on-the-job injuries. Clallam Bay, which is a very small town in a secluded area, was 4-5 hours away from such medical care.

Since Craig was unable to work beyond doing some yard work and home maintenance for his landlady, he was living in a very small run-down trailer on her property. This meant besides giving up my beloved home on the straits, I would have to leave behind all of my furniture and most of my belongings since there would be no room for them in the small trailer. I also figured since I would no longer be working, the possibility of some day buying another home was slim.

I was left feeling upset about all my possessions I would be giving up. But finally I came to the realization that what was really important was having God in my life, and no matter where I was, what I had or didn't have, didn't really make any difference, because God was there. I proceeded to give all my furniture (except the piano) to my son, and got rid of a whole lot of other belongings.

During this period of time my older brother had bought a home in Oregon close to his own home. He moved our elderly parents to Oregon near his home. Our parents had lived in Stanwood for many years. He had sold their home in Stanwood, but at the last minute the buyer backed out and my brother was left with an extra house. He called and asked if we'd like to buy the house. Although I said we couldn't afford it, he said he and my brother would make us a very good deal and would accept the money we had made on the sale of the house in Clallam Bay as the down payment. This story about my new home in Stanwood is true, and I thank God's divine intervention.

So two weeks after moving into the little trailer, I suddenly owned a beautiful nine-room home that included an extra room that would become my commercial kitchen, a two-room shop, large shed, and 20 acres in Stanwood!! I thank God for this beautiful home.

I believe that when I realized the insignificance of "stuff" and relinquished it all to God, He in turn blessed me with a beautiful home and more than I ever dreamed of having. That's the way He is.

The most important lesson learned from this period in my life was the assurance that it doesn't matter where you are or what is going on in your life, as long as you and God are walking that journey together, everything will be just fine.

"But see first His kingdom and His righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well.
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow..."

Matthew 6:33 and 34a

This divine intervention story home,
was written by Kathy Edwards.

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