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This is just one of my testimonies that Jesus answers prayer. You see, I once was lost, but now i'm found. Thanks be to God! Here is my divine intervention story of being lost.

A long time ago, I lost custody of my three children. I was lost and wanted to give up on life. In fact I did. I turned to drugs instead of God and in turn, I not only lost custody of my children, but I lost myself also. I didn't want to live any more, and tried to kill myself. However, instead of killing myself fast, like I thought would happen with the choice of drugs I was using, I was killing myself slowly, which made me lose my self respect and my family. I wanted to die, and on several occasions, I would ask God to take me home. I just wanted to be home with Him. However, I was lost and it was my will to die, but it was not God's will, so my life was spared. He had more divine work for me on this earth.

I believe I was sent on this earth to help others out. But I didn't understand why, when I couldn't even help myself out. All my life, I tried to help people, any way and every way I could. Sometimes, I just ended up hurting them instead. However, my intentions were good.

My Daddy told me once that he had a dream that I died because of drugs, and he begged me to get off of them. He told me he believed that I was stronger than that, and that I didn't need drugs, and that he was praying for me.

His divine prayers have been answered. The Bible says that God answers prayer in His perfect timing. Thank God for His divine intervention. I have been clean and sober for 116 days today, July 17th, 2004. And I thank God for sparing my life and for sending me to my sister, Lona. Lona has been such a blessing to me. She has helped me have a closer walk with God. Our God is an awesome God who has a never ending, unconditional divine love for us all, and He loves us all the same. Yes, I was lost, but like that lost sheep that the Shepherd found; Jesus has sent Lona to help me find myself. I also want to thank Island Baptist Church for your support and prayers. You all are such a blessing to me. Now that I am found, I pray that you all can be a witness to my new divine life, and help me to better serve our Lord Jesus Christ. I have faith that He is going to use me to help others that are lost. Praise be to God!

Editor's note: Today and everyday, Lynette continues to experience God's divine strength. He has given her a new song; she is full of joy, and she gives God all the praise and glory.

This divine intervention story lost,
was written by Lynette Borelis.

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