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This a personal story, but as Jon and I celebrated our 10th anniversary (Nov. 2004) and watched our wedding video recently, I was reminded of God's power and divine intervention of love. And, I share this hoping it will be an encouragement to those dealing with the "same old issue or thorn" for seemingly too long...

Tears of joy streamed down my face through the entire length of the wedding - my own wedding. All traces of make-up were washed off by the time we were pronounced 'Man and Wife'. The day we waited for over ten years had finally arrived.
Divine Wedding
Our decade of dating was characterized by an intense desire to know and follow God's will. I was attracted to Jon's strong zeal and passion for God when I first met him during my freshman year in college. Of course, his athletic and academic abilities helped! Right from the beginning of our friendship, I exercised extreme caution, as I knew our relationship would cause a huge problem with my very traditional and close-knit Chinese extended family. I was determined to seek God's divine intervention before becoming too entangled emotionally.

The closer we drew to God and the deeper we studied the Bible, the stronger we felt He was leading in our relationship. Because of extreme external pressures, several times we terminated our relationship and trusted that God would bring us back together if it was His will. I felt fiercely attacked and deeply wounded by family members; and felt awful for many hurtful words that were blurted out of my mouth during our numerous very heated, emotional and prolonged evening discussions. My greatest internal inflictions happened after these late night intervention talks with family. Since none of my friends were up during those early morning hours, I poured my heart out to God in my journals, and He pretty much had that book memorized by then. I eventually filled up 30-40 journals. We sought much divine intervention, as we were both very active in our church and knew friends were fellow BSF discussion leaders. Lots of people were praying for us regularly. In the meantime, we were fighting the tides of passion and leaning on God's grace to keep us out of sin.

During that time, God provided me with a job that took me to Asia frequently. The trips, although laden with responsibilities, were a time to get away to just breathe. I spent extended time with God on each trip - on the long flights and the quiet weekends. Jon traveled around the world with his job also. It was interesting and frustrating to have phone conversations from Casablanca to Beijing with the phone line being cut off with every sound of thunder, which seemed like every two minutes. Besides work, we would talk about things like his Moroccan-style haircut; or how he got out of getting a traffic ticket by playing a dumb American; or how my hotel cleaning lady used the same cloth to thoroughly wipe the toilet as she proceeded to wipe down everything else in the room, including the water glasses!

Learning to keep our relationship on an open hand was tough. Every time I felt my hand wanting to hold on to it, my hand would be painfully pried open. However, I knew that I didn't want our relationship unless it was God's best for both of us. Choosing His second best was just too costly.

There were so many divine Bible passages I studied that offered just enough hope for each day. I was very encouraged by a story from the life of King David, as recorded in 1 Chronicles 12 and 1 Samuel 2-5. Before David became king, God gave him success in battle, and he became a favorite in the eyes of all of Israel. This made Israel's king at that time, King Saul, very jealous. King Saul made deliberate choices to distance himself from God. Because of his jealousy of David, David had to flee for his life, and lived in exile for many years while King Saul continued to hunt him down. David wrote many of the Psalms during these difficult years, reflecting his loneliness, betrayal and pain. Many of the psalms end in triumph, as his faith in the almighty divine God was renewed.

As the story goes, nearly ten years later, David was finally crowned king of Israel. There was great rejoicing in all of Israel. God had given him over 150,000 mighty warriors. They all ate, drank and celebrated with David for three days. "Also, their neighbors from as far away as Issachar, Zebulun and Naphtali came bringing food on donkeys, camels, mules and oxen. There were plentiful supplies of flour, fig cakes, raisin cakes, wine, oil, cattle and sheep, for there was joy in Israel" (1 Chronicles 12:40). I tried to imagine the great celebration. I tried to imagine how David felt after all those years of running for his life. God's divine blessings were probably far beyond what David was capable of imagining. That day, God opened the floodgates of heaven, and showered down heaps and heaps of blessings on David and his family.

God's divine intervention provided me with hope for my situation through this story. I restrained myself to imagine any details, because I didn't want to build false hopes, but I knew God's divine plan would be best in the end, no matter what that may be.

Finally, God's leading seemed to be changing from "Trust Me and give it up", "Focus on Me" and just plain silence, to "prepare for action, you have My blessing". So, Jon under a strong sense of God's divine leading, proposed (for the fourth time). I was flooded with peace, and accepted. Two months later, here we were, standing in front of God and men. Declaring what we believed, strongly, without a shadow of doubt, to be God's leading us in our lives.

There were at least 10,000 angels present singing praises to God along with our hearts. The warm sun reflected the full glory of the fall foliage on this November day. All who were dear to our hearts came from near and afar to witness our union. I didn't think it possible to experience so much joy, it was overwhelming. It could not be more obvious to me, that by God's divine grace, He had chosen to open the floodgates. We were drenched from head to toe, from the inside out with His divine blessings. After accruing so many frequent flyer miles, hotel points and vacation time, we could basically go anywhere in the world for an extended honeymoon-- this was among His many blessings.

This day gave me a small glimpse of that glorious day to come, when we are to enter the bright pearly gates and walk on the shining streets of gold. After all the struggles and victories in this life with God by my side at every turn, I can't wait to come face to face with my King, my best friend. All tears will be wiped away; all pain and suffering will be replaced with rejoicing and with crowns. The Bible describes this divine day as a radiant bride meeting her bridegroom.

Today, ten years and four children later, I still pinch myself sometimes in disbelief that Jon and I are actually married. I will probably be pinching myself in heaven too, even after settling in, as I take in the beautiful and breathtaking realities!

I learned that God wants to bless His children beyond belief, like David. Waiting for God's perfect timing can be so hard. However, as the Bible says, everything is beautiful in His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11a). If we persevere and remain faithful to Him, our blessings one day will be so great, it will be on a totally different scale!

This divine intervention story with God
was written by Debbie Wolf.

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