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Divine Intervention Story

Written by Grace Peterson

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight,
O Lord, my strength and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14

Upon retirement, my husband and I made a permanent move from our home of thirty-five years to our beach cabin on Camano Island. Soon divine intervention would lead us.

We thought our days of active service to the Lord would no doubt be over, but how wrong we were. Soon, we found many avenues of service as we became part of a group soon to become Island Baptist Church. We realized that God still had work for us to do, to accomplish for His glory.

During this time, we prayed for many of our beach neighbors, most of whom were interested in the many activities paradise afforded. Some were summer residents only, but as the years went on, many opted as we did, to become full time residents. There was no active interest i attending church and most seemed to express no interest in spiritual matters.

Almost accidentally, it seemed, although certainly God appointed, we heard talk of having a Bible study for the women on the beach. We offered our home as a meeting place and the ladies asked me if I would lean the study. After praying about it, we began with some trepidation as to how it would be received. We are only a small group learning how women of faith in the Bible were able to do great things for God because they depended on Him for their strength.

Our first lesson about Miriam, Moses' sister, was just the inspiring jolt I needed. Thinking of my days of service were drawing to a close, the story of Miriam, who at the age of ninety-three led the Israelite women triumphantly through the parted waters of the Red Sea to the promised land, made me realize that I was not done serving. I must remain open to the Lord's leading in my life and in this way experience much that He still has for me to do for Him. I praise Him for His faithful direction throughout all of my days. What joy and blessing I receive as I see to love Him more and serve Him better everyday.

* We realized that God still had work for us to do, to accomplish His glory.*

This divine intervention story
was written Grace Peterson.

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