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Fifteen Years ago I had my first bout of cancer. This is my story of divine intervention.

The treatment plan included six weeks of radiation after surgery. Since I lived in a very secluded area at the tip of the Olympic Peninsula, my oncologist wanted me to move into Seattle for these treatments. I didn't wish to take my children out of school or to leave them because I knew they were worried about me. The other option was driving the six hour roundtrip to Bremerton each day while living at home. My doctor told me that was utterly absurd and impossible, but I chose to do it anyway.

At that point, a friend of mine in the church told me that her husband flew a small plane and belonged to an organization that went out of its way to log on miles helping people who needed transportation for medical purposes and that he would like to fly me to my treatment on days he could get away from work. It was a great deal of apprehension that I agreed to fly in his extremely small and very old plane.

The first several flights we took were in beautiful clear weather. The pilot commented a number of times how unusual that was because it was always very stormy the first part of April. During these clear flights I enjoyed breathtaking views of the snowcapped Olympic Mountains, Juan de Fuca Strait and the Hood Canal. And while I was enjoying the view I was becoming accustomed to the flight and learning to trust my pilot.

Then, came the bit of rain and clouds. The next week it was overcast and part of the trip was taken in heavy rain. Then came the day when nothing was visible once we were airborne. We flew the whole trip in an angry gray sky with rain pelting our little red plane so loudly we could hardly hear the warnings coming over our headphones of approaching aircraft.

Then it was time to land. Nothing was visible. It seemed completely insane to head straight down at breakneck speed. There was nothing to do but trust the pilot and his instruments. I knew there was ground somewhere down there but I wondered if he really knew how far down it was and when to level off to land. Eventually we could see little glimpses of light and then the runway. We proceeded to a safe landing.

One day, toward the end of the six weeks, when I thought I had become very brave about all the flying, we came in for a landing off the strait, heading for the tiny airstrip on the cliff above Sekiu. There were some unusual air currents in play that day. As we tried to land, our little plane was shaken violently and it swung out of control. The pilot had all he could to keep us right side up as we headed down. It was a relief to be safe on the ground again.

Walking with God is like this. When I'm ready, He sends a bit of "cloud" into my life and I learn to trust Him. Then the dark storm clouds come and God and I walk through them together. The day comes when my whole world is shaken and it seems there's no way out; and I learn to take another step of trust with God's divine intervention.

This divine intervention story
was written by Kathy Edwards.

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