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I Want to Praise God

I want to praise God for all of His Blessings in my life. I received Him as my Lord and Savior at the age of 13. He has been a constant blessing to me all of my life. He has seen me through many hardships and heartaches.

I was married to a wonderful Christian man at the age of 17. We moved from Minnesota to Washington in 1942 where we were blessed with seven wonderful children. The Lord saw fit to take my husband in 1960. It was a great loss to me as I was left with 7 children to raise on my own. Through the years there were many hardships, but the Lord was faithful and was by my side all the way. In 1965, a wonderful friend introduced me to Lester, and we got married two months later. He gave his live to the Lord before we were married and has been a constant blessing to me and my children. Because he had never been around children much, the Lord laid upon our hearts to be foster parents. In about five years time, we had nearly 400 kids through our home, ranging from 4 days old to 15 years. This was certainly a blessing to us and we hope it was to many of the children also.

God is so good, I want to praise God. God has brought both of us through many illnesses and we are both praising and thanking Him for our wonderful life that we have had together. We were so thankful when He led us to Island Baptist Church as we have been so blessed by the wonderful church family.

This divine intervention story, I want to praise God,
was written by Lester and Dorothy Lindstrom.

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