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Divine Intervention Story

Written by Vern and Marian Powell

It describes how a measure of faith was complimented by God's divine intervention.

Vern and I had many instances of God's faithfulness to us through out our years. One, however stands out. It describes how a measure of our faith was complimented by God's divine intervention.

In the early 70's, we had been working with the Jesus People movement in Seattle, via our church. We were asked to consider opening our home to new converts who needed a home. At the time, Vern's Dad lived with us and we had five children. So, we were a large family. Also, at the time, Vern was in a transitional job situation so our income was rather uncertain. We talked and prayed and decided we should do this. With two of our daughters sharing a bedroom, we had an extra bedroom available, but, no beds and little money available to by beds. So, Vern and his Dad went out looking in thrift stores. They found one set but it was too expensive. While Vern was telling the store owner why he needed the beds, Dad was engaging a man outside the store in a similar conversation. This man responded that he had two extra-long twins that he would give to us for free. As it turned out, this man had been Marian's neighbor when she was a little girl. When Vern returned home with the news, Marian's response was, "We don't have any sheets or blankets to fit that size bed." At 9:00 p.m. that same evening, Vern suddenly said, "I feel that God wants me to go get those beds, and he immediately set out to get them, arriving back home at about 10:30 p.m. Not only did he bring the beds but all the bedding needed and all were free. We set the beds up that same night. We had no sooner accomplished this when the phone rang. Our pastor was calling to ask Vern to pick up a girl who needed a home right away. Our first girl, Pat, arrived just after midnight. Nancy arrived a few days later.

Not only did God provide the beds and bedding, but, also enough food and other provisions during this time of need. He also provided His special grace to our family during the coming months. He showed us that nothing is impossible when you are in partnership with the lord.

This divine intervention story
was written by Vern and Marian Powell.

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