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God and Gramma's Trunk

This first part will give you some background about me and Gramma's trunk.

My early memories of my grandmother are very precious to me. I remember so many special times when I went with her for her prayer at the old trunk in the closet, going to the barn by the little creek, singing at a cat's grave while she patiently waited, listening to her tell stories or read poetry to me, going to church together, etc. However, I cannot recall at age 3 or 4 the exact conversations we had - so I wrote our dialogue from my memory of her character- and what others remembered about her.

She took me to a little white rural church before my parents were Christians. She was a devout saint who was always helping those in need around her. She was a woman of prayer and was sent for when people were in trouble and needed special prayer.

My grandmother was probably closer to me than my parents. She knew how to communicate with children and I stayed in her old white farm house every chance I had.

She died when I was nine years old and it was many years before I could even hear or talk about her without becoming emotional.

Not long before we moved to Washington I had the loveliest dream. I went to a beautiful place where I had never been before and I stood there a time, looking around at this place watching many people all smiling and walking about just being happy. I didn't feel like an outsider even though I didn't recognize anyone until I saw someone before me with a familiar smile. My grandmother was standing there. She stretched out her arm and said, "Come on in, your house is ready." I love to think about that dream.

You can see why my grandmother was so special to me.

God and Gramma's Trunk Story

"Gramma Eliza, wait for me!!" The little girl in pig tails grabbed her old rag doll by one leg and scurried up the long, wooden stairway as fast as her four year old legs would allow. Banging the doll on each step she continued to call out, "Gramma, I'm coming, I'm coming!" Gramma Eliza paused at the landing, smiled tenderly and spoke, "Take your time, God is in no hurry at all today."

Reaching the top floor of the old white farmhouse, the pair caught their breath and walked to the end of the hall, where they entered a large walk in closet.

The closet was a wonderful place to a four year old. It took the place of an attic in the old house and it was absolutely full of exciting, old, useless junk, stored there for two generations. But its charm was not confined to the attraction of the old relics; it was a place of wonderment and security for the child.

At the far end of the closet, facing west, a weathered old brass bound trunk stood directly under a large window. The silver haired lady and the little girl clasped hands as the elder knelt beside the old trunk. Together they surveyed their wonderful world of hills and valleys and flowers and trees.

The child knew, even before Gramma spoke that they were looking at beautiful things God had made. She also knew that Gramma and God held meetings here and talked, for hadn't Gramma said so, so many times before?

After a time, satisfied that God was waiting, the child also dropped to her knees. Then Gramma talked to her God just as if He were standing on the opposite side of the old trunk. Gramma Eliza never hurried when they were at their altar, just as she never hurried when she was with a good friend. The presence of God was surely there; for both the youth and the aged one felt peace and contentment in this very special worship place.

After talking to God the old lady turned to the child and told her again the story of Jesus. "Do you know God sent His only son to earth because He loves you so very much?" Even more than you love me, Gramma?" Even more than that," Gramma gently answered. "He Loves you so much, He made the flowers we pick on the path to the barn, the sunshine we walk in, the strong tree that holds your swing, the blue sky, the fluffy clouds and everything lovely." What about the creek?" asked the little girl; "The creek too, but the loveliest gift of all is allowing us to talk with him whenever we wish. He is always listening for his children." "Does He like to listen by the old trunk, Gramma?" "Yes, He loves to," Gramma whispered.

Of all the beautiful things Gramma Eliza did for me during my young childhood, the wonderment of the secret place around the old trunk is perhaps my most tender and precious memory. It was there I was introduced to the nature of God.

When the Lord calls for me and I cross over into my eternal home, I won't be at all surprised if He sends Gramma Eliza to welcome me. I think she'll hold out her hand, smile tenderly and say, "Come child, let's go talk to God."

"But thou, when thou prayest, enter into they close, and when thou hast shut the door, pray to they Father which is in secret; and they Father shall reward thee openly." Matt. 6:6.

This divine intervention story about God and
Gramma's trunk was written by Carolyn Stone.

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