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My story might be typical of so many still out there in the world, just kind of lost and wandering.

Even though I attended Sunday School as a child, I was never encouraged one way or the other in service to the Lord. After meeting and marrying my husband Frank, both of us had came from previous marriages where in vain we tried to hold them together, to no avail. We entered into a life of raising seven children, both of us needing to work, living through all the ups and downs of a very hectic lifestyle. We both knew and loved the Lord, but for too many reasons only turned to Him in time of need, or to praise Him when things went well. Our attendance at church was sporadic and sometimes pulled in directions that was not very satisfactory for our spiritual lives.

After the children were raised and on their own, we moved to Camano Island, it was here we met Pastor Rick. Thru Rick showing us the way to praise Him praise the Lord, we experienced a turning point in our lives. After attending an Easter service, we realized that what we had been missing and what we so desperately in need of. We made a decision to re-dedicate our lives to the Lord, praise Him. That has been the most eventful and satisfying part of our lives.

We are continuing to grow and learn each day of the Lord's plan and his unfailing love for us. We still have our ups and downs in life, but know He is there leading the way.
Praise the Lord!

This divine intervention story praise Him
praise the Lord, was written by Sandra Albin.

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