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Editor's note: The effort to submit these stories are a labor of love. Marie hand-typed each story one letter at a time; since it had been 80 years since her high school typing class! This is my intervention story of divine Miracles. Also, note two of Marie's three stories have not been heard by a single soul.

Here is my intervention story, God gave to me a miracle that day. Do you believe in divine miracles? Indeed I do. For without some major divine miracles I would not have had the gifts of a long life. God presents His gifts everyday in may simple and familiar ways. Those words sent to me in a letter made me more aware of daily miracles. As I sit here at my desk, the skies are dark and stormy, but look, for a moment, I see a break of blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun ...a familiar miracle.

Now I return my thoughts to a teenage girl...her parents with two daughters had come from the Midwest to live in Portland, Oregon. The following summer, I, the elder daughter, was invited to join a family on a visit to Seaside, on the pacific Ocean. Awakening the next morning to bright, warm sunshine, I had to look out of the window at this tremendous sea, as big and wide as the eye could tell. All were asleep when I put on my bathing suit and quietly went outdoors to explore the new adventure. I had learned somewhat, to swim, and the waters were so inviting as I waded in and kept walking outward for quite a ways as it was too shallow to try to swim. After a few strokes, I stood up, it was only waist deep now and when I looked back to shore I was shocked to see how far I had come. I turned and tried to swim back and did not get anywhere, seemed I had been going only further out. I tried walking, felt the sand under my feet drawing me backwards. I remember that this young girl, who was unaware of the strong pull of the ocean tides, began to panic. She threw herself on the top of the water and tried frantically to swim hard and only drifted backwards. I stood helplessly, no one on the far shore to hear a call or see me. Then words came into my desperate thoughts, "when the water pulls you back, stand still as possible, and when there is a forward surge, move forward as fast as you can." This was my divine miracle sent by God. By this method, an unknowledgeable prairie girl did make it back to shore. She quietly returned to her room and went back into her nice warm bed.

I was too embarrassed to tell anyone of this divine experience, until now. But I never forgot this divine miracle that possibly saved my life. Where else could this message come from but from the Holy Spirit, part of the Triune God? Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Do you believe in miracles? Indeed I do.

Relationships among the Three in the Divine Trinity.
The Father Is God.
The Son Is God.
The Spirit Is God.

This intervention story divine miracles
was written by Marie Barnum.

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