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In September 1998, praise God, Roger and I discovered that we were pregnant for the second time. Neither of us were Christians at the time and the news was good but unexpected and it put me into a tailspin. We were both working full time. I was commuting to Bellingham Washington and was away from home 55 hours a week. Roger was gone 70 hours a week. We had a live-in nanny to take care of four year old Natasha, and almost eleven year old Christopher - a stepson, who was dealing with several issues himself.

I was overwhelmed. Roger and I were becoming isolated from each other. We both had a divorce in our pasts, so I knew that wasn't the road I wanted to go down again. But I was not making it by relying on my old worldly philosophy of "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps".

At work, an angel was passing around Family Life Marriage Conference brochures, and I knew Roger and I just had to go. Praise God for this angel that was so kind. I didn't want our new baby to come into chaos that existed in our current home. I was so adamant about this conference, that I was bold enough to talk to Roger's new boss and demand that he come home early from a trip to California for training to attend this weekend conference... and he actually listened.

At the weekend conference, Roger and I turned both of our individual lives over to the Lord and He unified us. We came home and made several huge faith commitments to Him and our children; and with His help, we have kept those commitments until today ...Praise God.

As always, Satan attempted to attack our new faith immediately with the news that our unborn child could have a condition called "chromosomal X" The doctor gave us the option to go for further tests at Children's Hospital with the end result being an option to abort this beautiful child should he/she be afflicted. Roger's first words on the subject was, "We are going to keep and love this baby whether it is healthy or not" as a new Christian couple we prayed to our loving Father that our baby would be safe and that we would be prepared for anything. Nathaniel, that beautiful baby, is as healthy as they come ...again, we praise God for that!

Our next leap of faith was to have Roger stay home for nearly four years getting his degree on-line, doing "The Spot" ministry for the two of those years, and raising our children. Our income was cut in half, but the Lord saw to it that we never missed a payment even though our earthly budget indicated that we would be $400 short every month.

Finally, within the first year of our reborn lives, we went through a nasty court battle with our stepson Christopher and his biological mom and grandma. And to make a long story short, we continued to pray at every turn and decision. We came out of that evil spiritual battle even closer to each other and to our protective Lord.

Now, we are making another leap of faith and listening to our Lord as He tells us that I need to be a full time mom. With this new set of decisions and uncertainties, Roger and I both know that we will be taken care of by the same Lord that has protected and provided for our children, our finances and our every long as we seek Him first.
Praise God!!!

And praise God for the angel at work that day, who was passing around family life marriage conference brochures.

This divine intervention story Praise God,
was written by Tonya Haskin.

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