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Written by Jim Marr.

This is not so much the story of a man so deep in sin bringing shame and embarrassment to his family and even facing prison and permanent separation from that family - but the story of a blessed Savior so ready to forgive and stand by this man. A story about divine intervention and the prayer closet.

He came upon his knees to confess his transgressions, he learned this Savior had already washed away all those sins with His precious blood and wanted to come into this man's heart - at that moment he was saved for all eternity!
What joy and peace came into his heart!

Did he immerse himself in the Word? He did not. The only thing he did was truly repent and turn from his wicked ways.

Asked to become a deacon, he consented, not having the remotest idea what was expected of him. God was so patient - in fact 40 years of patience.

Then came a move to Camano Island to a brand new church, where again being asked to serve as deacon, he again consented, this time knowing the "ropes", all the time testing God's patience.
Then Richard Burr was asked to present a seminar on "The Prayer Closet", praying through the scriptures. God said "Jimmy - no more hiding - no more counterfeit religion." I'm the man in the story and I've found boundless joy and love in my prayer closet - for my Savior - for the Word for my loved ones at Island Baptist Church and forgiveness for those wasted years.

To Richard Burr and his lovely wife Anastasia, I will be eternally grateful for introducing me to the "prayer closet" and a truly personal relationship with my Lord and Savior.

This divine intervention story
was written for James Marr (1915 - 2004).

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