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Nothing is impossible when you are in partnership with the Lord. All of these divine intervention stories below come from Island Baptist Church Camano Island, Washington.
Church Stories
In loving memory of Jim Marr.
"Our resident saint of encouragement and pillar of our chruch", Rev. Bernie Stone referred to Jimmy at the memorial service. We deeply miss him, but rejoice with him, as he now lives in the loving embrace of his Savior.
Jim Marr (1915-2004)

Divine Intervention Meaning

A miracle and divine intervention having the same meaning. Miracle is derived from the old Latin word miraculum meaning "something wonderful". Divine intervention is disruption, (by a supernatural being in the universe) of the ordinary course and operation of nature, either being created, overruled, suspended, or modified. Although many religious texts and people confirm witnessing or prophesying various events which they refer to as "miraculous", it is disputed whether there are scientifically confirmed occurrences of divine intervention or miracles. People in different faiths have substantially different definitions of the word "miracle". Even within a specific religion there is often more than one usage of the term.

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