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I'm Dave and here is my guardian angels story. I have always believed in angels and instinctively knew I had at least one guardian angel. I think all of us receive subconscious signals from our guardian angels from time to time. For example, did you ever find yourself sitting at a red light and, when the light turns green, have an overwhelming feeling NOT to go? Only to see a speeding car run the red light right in front of you a few seconds later? I know I have. Still, the idea of having an actual face to face meeting with my guardian angels seemed a bit hard to believe. Until it happened - one night before my 30th birthday.

It sounds funny now, but there was nothing funny about it at the time. Thirty sounded old. I had read somewhere that reaching the age of thirty was like reaching the top of a hill - the only way to go, mentally and physically, was down. The thought of it literally made me sick.

I went to bed that night thinking about my upcoming birthday - and wishing that I could somehow postpone it another ten years or so. If only I could be nineteen again, everything would be alright.

I drifted off to sleep and found myself standing in the most beautiful landscape I had ever seen in my life. It was too beautiful to describe, as was the feeling of peace, tranquility and joy I felt at finding myself in such a place.

Close your eyes and image you are standing out in the countryside. It's a perfect spring day. The sun is shining and it's about 75 degrees. You are standing among gently rolling hills, on grass so green and perfectly manicured it would be the envy of any golf course manager. Scattered among the landscape are cherry trees, each one in full bloom. The sky is a deep rich blue, with a few white puffy cumulous clouds floating by.

It's impossible to find words even remotely adequate to describe the elation I felt at finding myself in such a beautiful place. I could have stayed there forever. That elation, however, was about to be eclipsed by the presence of not one, but two guardian angels. The guardian angels suddenly appeared, walking over the crest of a nearby hill. One was male, one was female. They were walking toward me hand in hand. These guardian angels were wearing identical white robes. Each one radiated peace, compassion, love and beauty - Michelangelo himself could not have imagined more perfect or perfectly beautiful human beings. And I knew in my soul, as they approached, that these perfect beings were 30 years old guardian angels.

They didn't speak a word but telepathically let me know that age had no meaning and that I was as immortal and timeless as they. In that one moment, any fear, trepidation or negative feelings I had ever felt toward anyone or anything vanished. I felt a sense of peace, serenity and joy that cannot be described in words.

My guardian angels smiled and walked back over the hill. But before they left, they let me know that they would always be with me, watching over me - and that I had nothing to fear ever again.

Was it only a dream? I don't think so. I truly believe, with all my heart, that I really had a face to face encounter with my guardian angels - in that wonderful place some call "the other side" or the place that I simply like to call "home."

Dave's guardian angel story was sent in by Dave.

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