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This angel story is about an angel who went out of his way to help my dad.

My grandfather passed away in 1997. Unfortunately, my dad and grandfather had not seen eye to eye for several years but they were just starting to be like father and son again when my grandfather suffered a severe stroke. We all knew my grandfather wouldn't be coming home from the hospital and my dad was taking it very hard. My grandmother had passed away nearly 27 years before.

We were all leaving the hospital in separate cars after my grandfather passed away and were going to a restaurant that we had called in advance. We had reserved a section in the rear of the restaurant for the family to gather and remember my grandfather.

While on the way there my father ran out of gas on the freeway. A man pulled over and gave my dad a ride to the gas station to get some gas. The whole time my dad did not mention that my grandfather had just passed away. When they returned to my dad's car my dad thanked the man for the ride, got out and started walking toward his car with the gas can. As he was walking toward his car, he heard the man who had just given him a ride say the following to him: "Your father is with your mother and Suzzane (my cousin who passed away a couple years before) now and your parents are very proud of you."

My dad was shocked at what he had just heard. My dad turned around to say something to the man - but he was gone. My father left that place knowing that my grandfather was happy where he was and in good hands with my grandmother and cousin.

My grandfather was a very special man whose memory will live on through my son who was named after him.

This grandfather and dad angel story
was written by Kevin.


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