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Permission and Copyrights

The Basics Copyright law secures for the creator of a creative effort the exclusive right to control who can make copies, or make works derived from the original work.

Ask Copyrights Permission

Ok, that said, I did not write the angel stories, etc, I can not give you permission to copy or use any of them. Same for pictures, gifs, etc, I did not create them and can not give you permission to take them for any reason. They are not mine to give.

There are a lot of subtleties and international variations but that's the gist of it. If you create something, and it fits the definition of a creative work, you get to control who can make copies of it and how they make copies, with some important exceptions.

Nothing done by the U.S. government can be copyrighted inside the USA. And of course you can't copyright something somebody else did without their permission, or derive your work from their work.

Making copies,

In its simplest form making copies is making copies. Computers have added some recent complications, like the temporary copies in packet buffers or on screens, and copies left on backup tape. But you can go pretty far by assuming that just about any computerized operation on a work involves copying it. And simply, the copyright holder gets to say if you can do this. But that's where it all gets modified by the issues of ...

Commerce Copyrights

Most of copyright has to do with commerce. In fact, one major reason it's there is that most people believe that if you let people have copyrights and make money from them, it strongly encourages the creation and productive exploitation of creative works, which is a good thing in most people's book. Copyright is also about control of one's creations -- particularly in most non-U.S. countries which explicitly recognize "moral copyrights."

Copyright laws which allows certain types of copying without permission in areas where it is felt that some more important social principles would be violated otherwise. The "fair use" doctrine (fair dealing in Canada and some other nations) in its purest form, lets a film critic include a clip from a film in her review to illustrate a point

Most people don't really need to know much more than this. If you do, check the other documents.

Some Copyrights legal basics for Angel Realm

Under the Berne copyright convention, which almost all major nations have signed, every creative work is copyrighted the moment it is fixed in tangible form. No notice is necessary, though it helps legal cases. No registration is necessary, though it's needed later to sue. The copyright lasts until 70 years after the author dies. Facts and ideas can't be copyrighted, only expressions of creative effort.

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