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One Christmas my husband and I decided to stay at home instead of the usual out of town visit with family. At night fall on Christmas Eve, we were alone and feeling quite lonely. We had just finished dinner and were trying to find some Christmas music or a movie on T. V.

Here is our Christmas angel story.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and when I answered it, there was this beautiful looking lady standing in the lightly falling snow. She was asking directions to a Catholic Institution where they were expecting her for the night.

My husband came into the hall and we invited her in and her helped her remove her coat and boots.

We made a phone call and got the information she needed to get her to her final destination.

While we talked and shared some chocolate's, we felt we didn't want her to leave. She was so compassionate and loving, we felt so blessed that she had stopped at our house. She told us she was a nun and had traveled many miles in bad weather to visit a friend. To us it was clear she was a Christmas angel. It seemed like a miracle that she had taken Sydenham Road instead of Sydenham Street and ended up at our place.

She expressed her feelings by thanking us for the kindness and warm welcome extended to her. Her sincere, humble and compassionate expressions convinced us she was an Angel sent from Heaven to cheer us up and bring special joy this Christmas. She was a Christmas angel Gift money just couldn't buy!

We both spent the next few day's talking about this unexpected, loving sweet lady that had picked our home to visit on a snowy Christmas Eve when we had felt so all alone. We shall for ever more miss our Christmas angel.

We were definitely "Touched by a Christmas Angel".



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