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I would like to share our angel story with you. I will try to make it as short as possible. It is a truly amazing angel story about my daughter Sarah.

My youngest daughter Katie aged 20 attempted suicide over two years ago and on my birthday. I was turning 46 and had planned a day out and about, just my husband and myself. We kissed our daughter goodbye and that was at 10:00 a.m. in the morning and she seemed perfectly fine. Katie had no boyfriend at this time. She had had drug problems for quite some time due to some sleep disturbances. She seemed upbeat and we went ahead and left never dreaming that that day would turn into a parent's worst nightmare. At about 3:00 p.m we were sitting at a slot machine in a local casino when a man dressed in a business suit approached us and asked if we were Mr. and Mrs. So-&-So. He took out a badge and right then my knees turned to jelly and my heart sunk when he said, "you need to come with me...there's been an accident. We followed him immediately to an office where he instructed us to call the highway patrol. We were thinking that one of our 3 daughters had been in a car accident. I knew my youngest Katie was due to pick up her 2 year old from the day care and I just knew it was them who were hurt. It turns out that Katie had taken an overdose of 50 muscle relaxers and written a note. Our home has 3 stories. She stayed on the upper floor and my middle daughter lived on the bottom floor. We had gotten a new puppy and my middle daughter Emily was getting ready to leave for work and would never go upstairs to Katie's room for any reason as they didn't get along. The puppy for some reason was making a ruckus on the middle floor of the house so she went up to find out why. When she came upstairs she discovered Katie half naked on the floor barely breathing. She called 911 and frantically told them to come quickly. Our home was filled with about 20 medical personel and police officers. They inserted an air tube but were unable to bring Katie back. Next they called for life flight. The helicopter landed in the field directly across from our home and they took her away. ; Evidently from what Katie can remember is that she swallowed the pills and got into her bed upstairs. Katie didn't remember coming downstairs to the middle floor where she was found. If the puppy hadn't have made noise, then Emily would have never discovered Katie and she would have been dead in a matter of minutes. That's how close she was to dying. She was on life support for 5 days. Miraculously through prayer and the hand of God, she made it through.

Now flash forward one year later.

Katie seemed to be making progress but was still very depressed. One night in particular she was very down. I talked to her for about 3 hours until I felt she was okay and it was about 3:00 a.m. I tucked her in on the couch and kissed her goodnight. Well, about 30 minutes later, she got up, got into her car and left unbeknown to me. We live in a very rural wooded area and she drove down to a bridge that was out in the middle of nowhere. She climbed up onto the second wrung of the metal bridge with her headphones on playing her ipod gazing down into the water. She said it was pitch black. Now it was about 4:00 in the morning. Katie was standing there when all of the sudden she felt a hand on her shoulder, she spun around and jumped down scared out of her wits. There stood a young man. (A true angel so it turns out.) She described him as being about 25 or 26 years old, with scraggly blonde hair to his shoulders. He was wearing a white button up dress shirt and cream-colored pants and very white tennis shoes. She said he flung his hands up in the air and said, "It's cool, it's cool. I just want you to get down off the bridge." Katie said his demeanor put her at ease immediately. She said he told her his name was Tom. She asked him what he was doing out there so late and he responded by saying, "what are you doing out here so late?" He had no car there and said he had been walking but he didn't have a spot of dirt on him.

They talked for quite a bit and she said he was soft spoken and listened intently to every word she said. At one point he pointed at her ipod and looked at it strangely and asked, "Are you listening to music on that?" She said...."Yes" She thought that was odd like he hadn't ever seen one. Well the conversation lead into him stating that he once lived in our town. He said he had been in the army and then mentioned some of the people he used to run around with. My oldest daughter Sarah had an old boyfriend named Jamie and he mentioned him and also said he knew our oldest daughter Sarah also. Katie realized that she needed to go and asked him if he needed a ride. He said yes so they both got into her car and took off. They drove by our house and she pointed at it and said, "that's where I live." She then asked him, "well, where would you like me to drop you off at and he said, "Home". So she continued driving towards town. About half way to town he said, "You can drop me off at the Freeman cemetery" She said, Right there she got very scared and the hairs rose up on the back of her neck. The cemetery is located on the opposite side of town and is on the outskirts of town, and then she thought he was going to kill her or something." She pulled into the cemetery and he said, "Now turn left and she pulled in between 2 rock pillars and he said, "This is fine" and then he got out and walked toward the middle of the cemetery. She said she looked down at the gear shift and put it into reverse and then looked back up and he was gone. Right then she said is when she knew something strange had taken place and burst into tears and freaked out of her mind. The next morning she told me the story and I was really mad that she had picked up a total stranger. I was determined to find out just who this guy was, so I called my oldest daughter Sarah. I asked her if she knew a guy named Tom that her and Jamie had run around with and described him to her. Immediately my oldest daughter Sarah's voice changed and she said very slowly, "Mom, the only guy I ever knew that we ran around with the name Tom... is dead. I then asked her, "where is he buried?" She said...."The Freeman Cemetery!!!!!!" She told me that he had passed away when she was about 13 and had went to his funeral. He died in the shower from a heart attack in 94. She said he was much older than them and when he died was approximately 23 or 24 years old. He had had the flu and the virus had attacked his heart. Katie would have been 8 years old when he died and never knew or saw this person. The next morning, I got Katie into the car and we drove to the cemetery. She got out on the passenger side and said, "I'm going to walk in the direction that I saw him walking" I got out on the driver's side and started searching the headstones for his name. The next thing I heard was Katie screaming and she fell to her knees. I ran over to her and there it was...his headstone.
I questioned her about their conversation and she said, "he didn't really say anything profound to me"  I said, "Did he tell you to get off the bridge?" She said, "Yes." I told her that maybe something would have happened to her if she hadn't. Later on my older sister's boyfriend talked to her. He is a police detective/interrogator for 22 years. He believes strongly that she was telling the absolute truth. He told me later that he believes she had an encounter with her guardian angel. If Tom had told her to drop him off at a certain house in town, no one would have thought a thing about it. Then later on, Katie found something very strange in her car. It was a cooly cup shaped like a bass fish. She couldn't figure out who had left it there. Later Sarah told her that her old boyfriend had carried one of those particular cups with him all the time. 
Today Katie is doing 100% better. She is free from drugs and the inner demons. She got married and is very happy and never returned alone to that bridge again!!

Sincerely, A grateful Mom.    

This angel story about boyfriends, Katie, Emily, and my oldest daughter Sarah, was sent in by super mom.


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