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Do you believe in angels? I believe we all have guardian angels, but also when we need them most, God sends us special angels. I believe in angels and I believe that they are all around us everyday. Sometimes we are not aware of them, but sometimes they make a profound effect on our lives and there is no other explanation.

I know, it happened to me, here is my story.

It was cold and sleeting that mid December afternoon in 1988 when my son and I left the surgeon's office. My son had a growth on his spine that needed to be removed and the surgery was scheduled for January 6. I was so consumed with worry that I almost didn't see her standing there - a tiny, elderly nun, maybe five feet tall and 90 pounds, if that much. She had a very concerned look on her face as she peered outside thru the glass doors, at the cold December weather. I asked her if I could help her with something and she told me she couldn't find a ride home. I thought this was a little odd as nuns always travel together and no one would leave a nun stranded anywhere, at least that is what I remembered from school.

I offered her a ride back to the convent and she readily agreed. We talked about many things during the drive, everything from my grade school memories to where I was attending church. She had a way of always turning the conversation back to me and my upbringing and faith. She was even able to pull my 15 year old son into the conversation. This was no small feat as he was in the midst of trying to be the world's worst teenager.

When we arrived at the convent, this tiny nun placed her hand on my shoulder, as she did, I felt this wonderful feeling of peace as she said, "be close to God because you never know when you will need Him and believe, and He will not fail you."

With that statement she quickly left the car saying thanks and disappeared inside the convent's side door. I wasn't sure what I had felt or if it was real, but I did know I felt stronger and more at ease about my son's surgery.

Six days into the new year of 1989, my son had his surgery and it was successful and I nearly forgot about the little nun. The turbulence at home became worse between my son and me over the next several weeks and on the first of March, he and his best friend ran away from home.

For three days I prayed night and day that they would be ok. I do believe in angels and once again I thought of the little nun who told me to remain close to God because I might need Him. I really needed Him now, and then on the third night I received a call from the Tennessee State police that said they had picked the boys up and they were safe. That was a long way from Wisconsin for two teenagers traveling alone. My son came home and just as I thought life would settle down, I ended up having major heart surgery on March 28. It all turned out well and six weeks later I was recovered and turned 40 years old. This birthday seemed special because I had recovered, was feeling wonderful and thanking God for the miracle He had given me because I could have lost my life if the surgery had not been done quickly. I was slowly settling into a quiet life when once again everything shattered around us again.

On June 21, my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly and just as we tried to stop reeling from that tragedy, my father was admitted to the hospital on July 25 with a diagnosis of terminal cancer. Life was a blur of hospital visits and radiation treatments and bringing him home just to have to readmit him. We lost him just 35 days later on August 29th.

I always say that 1989 was the worst year of my life and I don't know how I survived it all, but then I remember the tiny nun and the warmth that passed through me from her touch.

I truly believe in angels and that God sent her to prepare me for the year ahead. I am not sure if she really was a nun and God used her as His vehicle of grace or if she came directly from heaven to that spot near the doors of the medical clinic that cold December afternoon, but I do know that she was MY angel ... and I will always believe in angels.


This story about believe in angels, was written by Marianne.



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