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I wanted to share this story of my Bandit angel encounter when my twin sister's Pet Pekinese Mix dog Bandit got sick. I have his sister dog Scarlette. Bandit was only Five and was a healthy dog. He was my twin sister's baby. Bandit was the most loving dog. He would bark "I love" you to her for his favorite tennis ball. Bandit fell ill around Christmas of 2005 and two days before he passed, he was at the Emergency Vet awaiting a Mylogram test on his spine with a Specialist. He was dehydrated and had to stay overnight. We had no idea Bandit was dying. We went to visit him with his sister dog Scarlette and noticed he was very very sick. Bandit cried when we went to leave him. Bandit never did that before. He put his head on my twins shoulder. That night I woke up and sat up in my bed feeling funny.

In the corner of the room a bright light appeared and in the ball of light a young dark headed girl appeared and got closer to me. She has a white robe on and was smiling so big. I spoke to her and she turned suddenly and disappeared beside me. I had no contacts or glasses and saw Bandit's angel clear as day. I told my twin sister about the angel next morning. Two days later Bandit passed during the Mylogram on Valentines day 2006. The angel must have known how devastated we would be and came to me that night to lighten the blow and grief. My twin a few weeks later got a visit from Bandit in Heaven to let her know he was happy, young and alive… ANIMALS HAVE SOULS… We both got our proof!


This bandit angel story was written by Cara and Carla.

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