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I was born at 4:02 AM, in Jersey City N. J. My mother and father were on their way to the hospital when they were hit head-on by another car.

My father suffered two broken legs and my mother was far worse. She was severely injured from the waist down and from the sternum up. She was given last rites at the scene. Miraculously, she survived but spent the next seventeen months in the hospital and I was raised during that time by my grandmother.

This angel story is first about how my mother and me some how survived this crash.

Exactly one year later I was sleeping in my grandmothers house. It was a beautiful fall evening, the windows were open and and my grandmother had a religious candle on a dresser.

The wind must have kicked up just enough to blow the shear drapes near the candle flame. As a result, the house caught fire and my room was engulfed in flames. The fireman who eventually rescued me could not believe his eyes (I managed to speak with the fireman years later). The fireman said that when he entered my room through the smoke and heat two large angels were crouched over my bassinet. He said he froze for a moment and all of a sudden this one angel with a trumpet around his body picked me up and handed me to him. Not a scratch on me and no smoke inhalation.

Both my birth and my escaping the fire, were called a miracle by the local newspapers and local television stations.

I can tell you that angels DO exist. I am living proof.

This fireman and the angels story
was submitted by Al.

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