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Almost eight years had passed since my father had died. And although we weren't very close, the day I decided to take a walk along the North Saskatchewan river in one of Edmonton's nature parks, I found myself missing him dearly. I began to remember the lighter moments we had together during my childhood years. Christmases we shared searching for the perfect yuletide tree in waist-deep snow. Warm summer evenings when he would take me and my three sisters to the movies in his old 1947 dodge. His laughter when we sat down for breakfast and how he and I would challenge each other to see who could eat the most eggs.

Now, I stood in the drizzling autumn rain overlooking the river, yearning for those happier times we had spent together. I looked up at the gray sky and began to pray. I prayed that dad was in a better place. I prayed for his forgiveness for the mistakes I had made in life, as his son. I prayed that he would know I forgave him for the sometimes harsh ways he treated us. And I cried. I cried because I finally came to realize how much he really meant to me. I cried because I deeply missed him. I cried because, in my heart of hearts, I knew I really loved him.

It was then I noticed a flock of small birds soaring towards me from across the river.They landed on the leafless branches of willow trees all around me. Then one of them gave me the surprise of my life. It flew directly at me and perched, unafraid, upon my shoulder. It chirped and chirped as it actually peered straight into my face. I didn't move. In fact, I was in awe of its candor. It remained on my shoulder for at least a full minute. Then it lifted its wings and rejoined its buddies. Immediately, the birds flew away. Back across the river.

Was it a sign?

I have always believed in angels. And I believe my angel was telling me, through nature, that everything is alright. That my father had received my prayers and was pleased. I believe on that chilly autumn day, when I opened my heart in truthful prayer, God's love shone down on both my father and me. And I was granted a small miracle gift of acknowledgement from above. Nature sent me an angel that day and I am grateful.

Today, I am much closer to my dad than I ever was. And I have no one to thank but an angel who's sole purpose, I believe, is to watch over me, and guide me, in some cases with a miracle, to our Lord's universal home. And my father's waiting arms.

This story, nature sent an angel story was sent in by
James Woodward from Edmonton Alberta.

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