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Angel Tomatoes

Angel Tomatoes

Do some tomatoes seem to have perfect angels inside?
You never know what, or who, you might see when you cut tomatoes in half.
This tomato certainly does seem to have the image of an angel inside.

Angel Tomato Picture taken by Dennis Ober.

Being a gardener, I just loved this tomato!
Another one of God's gifts to us. This was sent to me in an email.
I know there are many readers who would just love this!
So I decided to submit the "Angel Tomato"
It also goes to show that you can't always tell from the outside who is truly an angel inside.

Jennifer, CA

This was at the stand of Brenneman's Produce, Vicky Brenneman had sliced open a Tomato and this is what she found ...
She put it on display for all to see ...
I thought this was awesome, to see something simple to uplift our lives and make us smile.

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