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One day, a long time ago I was driving home from Boston to New Jersey and this is my guardian angel story.

I knew the drive so well I could almost do it in my sleep. This time though I was upset and just wanting to get home as fast as I could. I was at the time going through some personal turmoil but thatís a whole other story.

I was driving an old Ford LTD at the time and knew I was driving to fast. About halfway home somewhere near Hartford, I had to stop and get gas. I started looking for an exit ramp where I might find some. On Route 84 in Connecticut the road is raised above street level so you can see the houses and business below you. At the next exit, I saw no gas station signs anywhere, so decided since I still had about a quarter of a tank (even though the exits are kind of far In between) I should be fine till the next exit or two. I drove on for maybe about 10 more miles when I heard a very forceful deep male voice, right behind my ear, say to me "get off the road NOW!" I was in the car alone. This voice was not threatening in any way, but very emphatic. I felt sure I should follow these directions given by this angel with a deep male voice.
Angel Voice
The next exit was only about a half a mile or so more down the road. I looked down at my gas gauge and it was still fine. I guess at the time I was doing about 70 miles per hour. The exit was coming up on the right so I started to slow down and switch over to the right lane. All of a sudden I felt a loud metallic bang from the back of my car. Within a second after that I was at the exit ramp which was on a curved decline leading off the highway. As I drove off and down the ramp the Back of my car started to fishtail back and forth wildly. I very slowly hobbled into a gas station about a block away. I didn't have much choice but to get a cab to the nearest train station to get home. The next day I called the gas station to find out the trailing arm on my car had snapped. For those of you who may not know what that is. It basically holds the rear axle onto your car.

When I thought about it later, all I could think was if I had not heard that deep male voice I may have procrastinate and not slowed down like I did to get off at the very next exit. I had been doing a steady 70 mph most of the way home. What would have happened if I was still doing that 70 mph instead of the 35 mph I was doing when it snapped. I don't think I would be here today to be writing this story. I think my guardian angelís a male with a VERY deep male voice.


This Guardian Angel Story with a Deep Male Voice,
was written by Lisa J.



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